Thoughts on Ravi Zacharias sexual impropriety

I get really tired of mega church leaders being exposed for sexual impropriety. First it was the Hillsong leader, then Robbie Zacharias. I guess actually Ted Haggard as well. Which was a total bummer as I who is very close to that Ministry team helping them build the church back in the day.

One day we will have brain-computer interfaces and we will have less opportunity to hide sin inside our head. Traditionally the church has thought this would be the mark of the beast or something. I disagree. Instead I think God will use one more step Up connection to help clear out the spaces where the enemy has Refuge, to bring light into the dark places and allow us to understand who we are.

And if you think about it, Jesus was very clear with the Pharisees being like whitewashed tombs. Shiny and clean on the outside but inside full of Dead Man’s Bones.

With the Pharisees have wanted brain-computer interfaces to expose the bones of the Dead that were inside of them? Of course not. They wanted to hide. Cover their shame, not allowing the light and love of the Lord into their heart and into their life.

And then contrast that with Ezekiel, where God makes Dry Bones live. Seriously think about how Cool the results are when we can trust those two vs. God has the ability to bring life to the bones of the Dead.

That’s where we are heading with brain-computer interfaces. On the outside we look clean and nice, but we Harbor the bones of the Dead. With a brain computer interface, God’s light will come in, he will heal our broken hearts, and make these Dry Bones live.


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