The future of Fortnite, artificial intelligence, and Bots.

Artificial intelligence is going to take over our world little step at a time. I’m a fortnite fan and play it with my kids so I thought I would just make a quick little post on this.

Fortnite just introduced Bots into gameplay.   This got me thinking about artificial intelligence, and Bots,.

On the first introduction of bots into the game, it was easy to tell when you’re playing a live person and when you’re fighting against a Bot. The bot’s simply don’t move the same as a real person.   They kind of act wonky, they’ll be knocking stuff down with a pick ax when they should be Turning around in fighting you. That act strange, they just don’t move the same when they are fighting you.

Epic’s current problem with Fortnite

So the problem with epic at the moment is they have new players getting stomped on by experienced players and that gives the new players no incentive to keep on going. Of course they tried the mechs,  but everybody hated them.

 So then how did they solve their problem?  Bots!

So how will Bots take over fortnite?

Given enough time, the wonky factor of the bot army is all going to change.  In the Same way that alphazero killed alphago, eventually Bots will take over fortnite.  However, Epic games will be in full control of the extent that this happens. The Bots will make it so that new players can get kills, and super experienced players get killed without dominating new players.

Here’s how…  We all know from alphago and different artificial intelligence systems playing on current video games, the AI’s can pretty much destroy any human player given enough game time.

Once bots learn to play just as good as human players, and they will probably within six months to a year or less,  then it’s just up to Epic turn the knobs according to the player that the bot is playing against.

The hidden bot adjustments is Epic’s solution! 

Epic will turn down the bot when it is playing against a new player, that way the new player can get a kill. And the new player never knows whether he was playing against bots, or against a real person. 

Next when the bot encounters a guy like ninja, or tfue, epic will simply turn the bot to maximum strength and destroy both of them with its eyes closed. That’s the beauty of the artificial intelligence. It will blend and move in and out of Live players in a game, and no one will know when they are playing a bot and when they are playing a real person.

In this way, by adjusting the settings of the bot according to who the bot is playing, Epic will be able to keep the game fresh and relevant, and not have to use crazy game mechanics such as the Mechs.

Ok.   Thats it for my non-spiritual commentary.   🙂


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