Thankful to say goodbye to the disconnected day

Okay sometimes I get a little nostalgic, if you ask my wife she would say I get VERY nostalgic. Anyway, I was just listening did this video by Motley Crue. And with all of the glam-rock big hair and makeup I was reminded of growing up back in the day when we did not have the internet.

I get the the youth today can get isolated and feel lonely, but it was NOTHING like it was back when mass corporations controlled mass marketing. There was no place for the weirdness and uniqueness that each of us has to flourish. Instead you had to hide your weirdness or you were crushed. If you chose to act weird in the day of mass marketing you would be alone and isolated.

In a very pessimistic way many Christians today look at the chaos in the world and it instantly label it as the enemy having victory. In my opinion this could not be further from the truth.

People are coming together and it’s causing friction. But that friction will smooth out the roughness as we learn to appreciate that we are all loved and valuable.

If you grew up weird in the 80s, you know how hard it was.   I’m super happy that we have the internet. I’m super thankful to connect. I’m so thankful that I can be weird. I’m super happy that each of us can now bring our own unique gifts without fear of mass-market crushing us down.

I’m very thankful for our connected world and look forward to seeing a day when we connect more and more in the future.


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