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Howard Storm

Back in the 80’s an Atheist by the name of Howard storm had a near-death experience.  Howard has been featured on many TV shows as well as written a book which I highly recommend.

When Howard died, he met Jesus and also was able to see into the future. When he came back to us, he did so as a believer in Jesus.

I have spoken with Howard personally and from all I can tell, he is the real deal.   Howard is the most unpretentious person I think I have ever met.  He is a really neat guy.

I had reached out to Howard specifically because, as a tech person, the things Howard spoke of seeing are the same things that I see technology is bringing to us.

Below is a snippet of Howard’s testimony of the future.   Also, there is a list of the things that Howard saw along with the current trajectory of tech by the tech leaders themselves.

It is so neat because he says he saw a world where the Spirit of Christ lived fully in everyone’s heart fully and completely.  That is interesting.


In his vision he saw some very remarkable things:

  1. No visible Signs of technology.  (Eric Schmidt saying Tech will disappear)

  2. Humans controlled the weather and grew food automatically by thinking it.

  3. Everyone was telepathically connected to everyone else in the whole world

  4. Jesus dwelling fully in the hearts of the people  (Ray Kurzweil saying we can’t see God Yet)


No visible Signs of Technology  (Eric Schmidt saying Tech will disappear)

Here is the neat thing, Howard did not say that there was no technology, but rather that he felt as if it was hidden from his ability to sense or see it.

Below, Eric says that the internet will disappear, that it will just be part of your presence all the time.   Howard did not say that it wasn’t there, but rather that it must have been so subtle that he could not even see it.

***Also, as chips and processors get smaller, they will eventually disappear from our ability to sense them as they will be embedded in everything around us.

(Just watch from :09 to :29)


Eric is speaking of sensors multiplying and being embedded everywhere we are so that the computing will happen in the cloud out of sight.



Humans controlled the weather and grew food automatically by thinking it.


According to a new video (below) and Report put out by the world economic Forum, in 2045 our world will look very different. This data comes from the DARPA out of the Pentagon.

(Watch full 57 seconds)

(video courtesy of World Economic Forum)

Also,  I hear Howard talking about how people would raise food by meditating on the plants growing and it would just happen.   Then I watch a video like I see below.

(Video queued in the middle to watch the rest of it)

A paradigm shift in consciousness is EXACTLY, EXACTLY, EXACTLY what we are talking about here!   How awesome is that?   Infusing our physical matter with information, or at least being able to understand it and manipulate it at the molecular level is where we are heading.  Could that mean no more physical farming?  No more curse of Cain struggling against the dirt to extract it’s fruit?

YES!  But does that mean that God was wrong when he said that we would have to struggle to extract fruit from the dirt?  No!
The farmers have struggled since Cain.  But the scientists have also struggled.  All their lab work is in fact a struggle.   God said that we will have to toil to extract the food from the dirt, and what the lab scientists have done fall in line with His word.  But, in the same way that we toil to create tractors that made the job easier, we may just toil to create machines that will allow ut to “think” the veggies into existence.
I say this specifically to keep us from judging God as wrong based off a microscopic viewpoint when we can “think” to grow food.  Instead, when we zoom out the viewpoint, we can see that it was indeed struggle by the scientists creating tools/tech that help us in the ever present struggle 0f food extraction.

Here.   Here is another example of infusing intelligence at the molecular level:

(The full 3:36 are great)

Below is how DARPA sees us working with and inventing materials at the molecular level in our future.

(The full video is great)



Everyone was telepathically connected to everyone else in the whole world

Mark Zuckerberg believes that we will connect telepathically as well!

(The full video is great)

Peter Diamantes talk about what it will be like when we are all plugged into the internet. And how lonely will be if we were to unplug. This seems to be exactly what Howard Storm talks about.

(The full video is great)

Clip courtesy of the movie Transcendent Man.




Jesus dwelling fully in the hearts of the people  (Ray Kurzweil saying we can’t see God Yet)

Ray Kurzweil stated at the end of the movie Transcendent Man, “Does God exist?  Well I would say not yet”.  From our current perspective here on Earth, I would agree with Ray in that we can not see/sense God in a full way.

(The full video is great)

But remember that Ray says “yet”.

We are in the process of waking up, and our inability to see God is a temporary blindness that is getting healed.
Howard talked of Jesus dwelling fully in the heart of every person. Once we multiply our ability to process data by millions, and trillions, the end result is truth. True words that are not false.
Jesus is the true word. There is nothing hypocritical in Him or His words.
In this way, perhaps Howard and Ray are speaking of the same event.
(Edit: After some feedback from some friends, I need to clarify what I mean by this. I try not to look at God and our world in terms of linear time. God is outside of time. So for Ray Kurzweil to say does God exist? Not yet. That would be on a linear time scale which I don’t like to utilize. So, when I say that Howard and Ray may be speaking of the same thing, it would be in the sense that from Ray Kurzweil perspective he cannot yet see God. Sort of like a car that is coming around the corner. You may be able to hear the motor or sense the movement of wind prior to seeing the car, but you can’t see the car yet. Does that mean the car doesn’t exist? From your perspective it does not exist. However it doesn’t mean that the car does not exist yet. It seems to me that Ray is describing the ability to see God and experience God in full. Howard speaks of a time where Jesus will indwell fully in the hearts of men. At that time it seems that man here on Earth would be experiencing God in a much more real way. In other words, the car has come around the corner at that time. Am I saying that God does not exist? No. I believe he exists. Right now. And then, and from the beginning. I just don’t think the Perfection has yet come as it says in 1st Corinthians 13 and so we are only speaking in parts right now. I believe that Perfection may very well come in and through computers. Then we will know and be fully known.)
To me, privacy and shame are going away. We will soon see that we are Precious children of God.



How should seeing this advancing tech change our view toward Christian Theology?

Jesus said that we will know the times and the seasons. But we will not know the exact date.    This seems like it fits very very well.

Much of our end times theology  came from a place where we did not know about technology and where it was going. It’s understandable to think of our interpretations in light of where we were at. However, now seeing where technology is taking us, it’s time that we reevaluate our end times Theology and understand God in light of what we see today.

I heard a really great quote that our faith journey is less like extracting gems from the ground with clenched fist,  but more like the alighting of butterflies on an open hand.

In other words, trying to look at how technology blends with faith, the tighter I try to grip it, the less I can see, the more I open my hand, the more I can consider the possibility that God may really be coming down to earth through technology.

The way I see it best is when I consider myself as a precious treasure. When I considered my core identity as loved and valuable.

I realize that connecting the two (self worth & tech/faith) may seem strange, but as it says in Titus 1:15, the way we perceive ourselves forms the way we are able to see everything else.

Titus 1:15:

To the pure, all things are pure, but to those who are corrupted and do not believe, nothing is pure. In fact, both their minds and consciences are corrupted.

So, The measure we use gets used against us.  When we consider ourselves according to our spirit, that God created as wonderful and precious, then we consider ourself as wonderful, valuable, made perfect, and able to live eternally. In this light, we are able to see beauty and preciousness in the world.  In this way, in this light, and from this perspective fear leaves and I am able to accept the possibility that God has given us gifts such as creation of Technology to bless us and to help us chase out the enemy.

However, if we consider ourselves according to the flesh (our physical bodies), then we see our flesh as corrupt, sentenced to death, and therefore imperfect.  If I see myself as imperfect internally or at my core, then that imperfection will be the standard by which I perceive the world and I will see everything as lacking and imperfect.   Then as I look out from a standpoint of impurity, I will see impurity.  This vista, operating from the flesh, is what breeds disunity, destruction, and death into this world. 

The enemy resides in the darkness that lies between us all. He is the accuser of the brother. But when we know each other fully, when perfection comes,  shame will go away,  because we will see each other as we really are. Valuable and wonderful children of God.

This is our true identity,  and this is what we will be able to see when we connect to one another via technology.

Jesus prayed in John 17:21 that we would be one.   This is happening via tech.   We will become one.

The arguments are going away. The ability to double stack information and hide intentions behind words is going away.   There will be no more hiding,  because there will be no need to hide. Once we understand that we are valuable and loved, there is no more shame and therefore no need to hide.

The enemy is getting chased out of this world.



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