Good Song

I really like this song.   A lot.      

The measure we use gets used against us

– So, what’s up guys, today is Tuesday, January 17th. This is a little bit of a continuation of another blog post regarding identify, and you know, I’m just thinking about name…

Patterns of conformity

I love patterns.  Patterns are everywhere. The neat things about patterns is that they can be seen as the same at the micro as well as the macro level and I appreciate that. Here…

Object identification in technology and faith

– Technology and proper object identification, and Christianity, how do the two mix? My name is Mark Russell, today is January fifth. This is 2017, and this little blog series is a…

Tech bringing the miracles of Jesus

– Okay, I’m changing it. I was gonna talk about the Holy Spirit and computers, but I’m not ready to talk about it. Here’s a simpler idea for today. John’s disciples came…

Deep Thoughts by Joe Rogan

Ok..  A bit off topic of tech/religion..  But I like Joe rogan and this clip is pretty funny…..


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