Technology is chasing out evil two

– What’s up guys? My name is Mark Russell. This is Today is I don’t know, February something or another, February 22nd and I come out and I say it all…

Technology will help us to see God

What’s up guys? Today’s February 12th, 2017. I’ve been listening to Johnny Cash so I’m a little bit emotional, but here’s the thing. If you pay any attention to Ray Kurzweil and…

Fractals, Mandelbrot Zooms, and Christ

I love looking at fractals.  You see the same pattern zoomed out or in.  I see this with Christ too.   He is the saviour of all, and of one.  Loves all,…

Flood of data washing away sinners

– What’s up, guys? Today is February something or another, and today is Superbowl Sunday. On halftime during the Superbowl I was thinking about God and his second coming and about data,…

Good Song

I really like this song.   A lot.      


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