How Governments Should Handle AI Policy & Deepfakes w/ Eric Schmidt | EP #99

In this episode, recorded during Abundance360 2024, Peter and Eric discuss AI policy, government struggles, and AI’s global impact. Eric Schmidt is best known as the CEO of Google from 2001-2011, including as the Executive Chairman of Google, Alphabet, and later as their Technical Advisor until 2020. He was also on the board of directors at Apple from 2006-2009 and is currently the Chairman of the board of directors at the Broad Institute. From 2019 to 2021, Eric chaired the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence. He’s also a founding partner at Investment Endeavors, a VC firm. Learn more about Abundance360: ———– This episode is supported by exceptional companies: Get started with Fountain Life and become the CEO of your health: AI-powered precision diagnosis you NEED for a healthy gut: ———– Topics: 0:00 – Intro 1:12 – Google and the AI Revolution 6:33 – AI’s Power and Impact Today 10:12 – China’s Race to Language Dominance 11:20 – TikTok’s Growth and Election Interference 12:45 – AD: The Future of Healthcare: Fountain Life 15:03 – AI and the Fight Against Misinformation 21:28 – The Future of AI Safety 25:30 – AD: Viome 27:12 – Government Struggles with Rapid Tech Growth 31:49 – AI’s Potential Impact on Science 33:38 – Quantum Simulations Revolutionize Drug Development


Visionary, Computer Scientist, Entrepreneur, watching with anticipation to track and see the newest technology and the way it will all unfold.

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