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mark of the beast revealed! 

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I’m not shot a video forever and it’s SuperBowl Sunday 2020 and this is just been something processing I don’t even know why like I’m choosing to even throw this video very controversial something gets argued in the church all the time which is super annoying but we’re gonna dive right in we’re gonna talk about the possibility of the mark of the beast I’m gonna try to waste time we’re just gonna get right at it so the very first principle when looking at this is it’sGod’s timing right so it says the day is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like a day I interpret that to say hey God’s perspective on time is very different than ours right he says before Abraham was I am okay jesus said that to the Pharisees indicating I’m apart from your time I’m somewhere elseI don’t like how can a God that is the same yesterday today and forever even be born and died because to be born and died in our world means that you’re like restricted by three dimensions plus our perception on time but yet he’s the same okay so we have to understand it Peter Ithink it was Peter who said God is not slow in coming as some understand slowness what does that mean that means that there is a different way of understanding time it must be from God’s perspective great case in point is the matrix the matrix it is all notice even though in this very room you can see ifI’m gonna do window or any kind of interview you can complete your church when you pay your taxes is the world I just pulled of your eyes to mine your hundred that you are a slave neo like everyone else you were born into bondage born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch unfortunately no one can be told what the matrix is you have to see guys when we look at the matrix we understood it like mortgage was like neoyou can’t be told what the matrix is you have to see you have to experience it and the illustration there is that and this is really gonna be where we go with the Beast is this idea of something that is completely wrapped around us until you step out from you detach from uhm you can’t understand what the Beast isso let’s take the next step and we’re gonna keep that idea of the matrix in mind let’s go to the next step and that is two identities if you guys hear me preach at all he’s talking about you area precious treasure you’re loved and valuable even in this world when the world says hey prove it we can’t prove it because I was moved from darkness to light I am seated with Christ in the heavenlies my true nature is of an eternal nature so even though I have this flesh I can’t um I can’t put my identity my my stock up in any truth that this flesh tells me about right so this is a huge principle with neo in the matrix everything was subject to change in the matrix it was a complete like wrap around a falsity that wasn’t long-term okay and so we’re gonna keep this example of understanding likeNicodemus when he talked to Jesus was like wait Jesus how can a man climb up into the womb and be born again and jesus like you’re the teacher of Israel and you don’t understand this what he was saying is there is a way of being born you’ve been moved from darkness to light there’s something that happens in accordance that you can’t see with your-physical eyes from this perspective-which harkens to the verse if any man is gonna come to God he must first of all what be lead so this is an issue of faith believe that he exists in that he’s a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him so two identities your flesh here on earth and your eternal identity-now which one is more true I like to say that the thousand-year version of you is the more true you your nature is not tosin your nature is not to be impatient your nature your true nature is to besuper patient loving love joy peaceful kindness goodness gentleness faithfulness and self-control that is the real you now this world will tempt you to believe that it’s that’s not you now could thisbe the beast right and we’re gonna get there and then we’re gonna get right into it revelation 13 guys this is super good let’s jump right in and hold on let’s get into this guy’s but look what it says revelation 13 says okay the second beast was given power to the breath first beast was causing it refused me worship to be killed okay so all who refuse to be were sure to be killed let’s take this from the perspective of non time so so if you’re not going to worship this world you are dead to the world so thus if you don’t worship this world you’re killed you’re dead to the world okay just track with me it also forced people now this is the key verse 13 16the beasts forced all people all people great small rich and poor free and slave to receive a mark on their right hands or on the fourth foreheads so they could not buy and sell unless they have the mark which is the name of the beast or the number of name this calls for wisdom let the time a person calculated the number of these is a mark of a man or the number of man which is six six six so what this says and what I want you guys to pay attention to is it also forced who all people all people nowhere’s where I take big exception with the church basically guys all people whois all people all people is all people rich poor slave free that means you that means me okay we were all born into the matrix we were all born into the world we were all born into darkness this is the way that it is none of us had been born into sonship we were all born into an abandoned state apart from God wewere all born into darkness that’s why it says by faith we move from darkness into light see the problem is is with the church they have this idea and it’s powered by fear problem fear of the enemy and it’s also kind of powered by pride in the sense that oh I can beat this beast I can I cannot receive the mark and they go through credit cards orRFID chips the hypocrisy of it is when Tet goes forward eventually like facialID facial scanning you will be able to get rid of that or get escape from that eventually they will probably build nanobots that can move through our physical universe clamp on to your neuron in your head and reach brain read every thought that you have that will eventually happen now how are you going to say that just because there are nanobots flying through the atomic-scale that nobody can sense that you’re not saved see that there that theology breaks down the further we go into technology and further technology moves forward because there will be a choice so now we have to backup and say wait if there’s not a choice of buying and selling rich what if we back up out of time and again guys track with me because I know that this is like hard to get at first but the idea is what if it really forced all to receive the mark now what is value to buy and sell okay now if we go back to this idea of being born again okay and understanding our two identities what if someone comes up and says hey I don’t think you’re so awesome prove it to me hey do you have value show me right show me who you are isn’t that what the enemy says to us all the time if you’re really the Son of God say to these these Stones become bread[Music]if you are the son of God command that this stove becomes red shall not live by bread alone comes from the coffin to the enemy is always testing our value in a transactional way to say if you work then you are that is the Beast in my opinion there is a transactional challenge for identity happening right there okay that’s where now that’s where this world’s value system of transaction is happening okay but if you understand who you really are and where you really are and when you really are you are prevented you’re a thousand here you cannot take part in that transaction you’re literally prevented okay and yes it’s your choice but it’s kind of a weird work around the Beast forced everyone to say if you’re good prove it by works right this makes sense and then we believe we’re move from darkness into light and then we are prevented from buying and selling so does it matter if you have a credit card or a social security number or a chip in your hand your head in order to track money no because it’s not what it’s talking about let’s talking about is who are you where are you when are you in your eternal nature this also brings up one other thing about the Antichrist in the man of lawlessness okay so one thing I don’t hear preached in church is the idea of um how I forget who was John I think fora second the third John saying there are already many antichrists in the world right well who is the Antichrist let me just ask you was I for Christ prior to getting saved no I was Antichrist because I was putting myself up as God and so were you and so is everybody who says that they can attain their own salvation based off their works so when we look at the verse it says that the lawless one the one who rebels against God’s laws the laws of truth the true eternal laws that define all existence like that lawless one being revealed the lawless one being revealed is when you close your eyes to the world open your eyes to who you really are and then you understand hey Iwas operating in accordance to the lawless one when I attained my identity based off of my works that’s lawlessness because the law ofGod the law of freedom that it speaks of in James chapter one the perfect law that gives for uh that gives letter that perfect law ofLiberty that gives freedom like when we look into the beer and continue to do so our eyes are revealed to the truth of who we are and we are blessed and the lowest one at that time is then revealed to say hey wow I couldn’t see who I was prior I couldn’t understand who was theAntichrist I was operating Antichrist prior to being becoming one with him entering in with him aligning with him in the spirit in the eternal because this is temporary guys and so if you say hey work show me how good you are we are entering into the system of this worldthat proves identity based on works see you guys to me this allows for the market and and so then you can go back guys this allows going back so that you can understand check this out ah this calls for wisdom lemon a person has a side calculate the number be certain number of man that number six six six we’ve heard it to talk about being the number of imperfection right being one less than God but the whole idea is that when it’s man’s number it’s man’s workings its man’s efforts to attain perfection and it’s the realm of manlike this is all our Dominion we are in essence putting charge over thisDominion this is the realm this earth is our 3-dimensional plus time realm andGod is outside of it this in my opinion the beast is time it’s our world it’s very similar to the matrix and when you believe in who you really are loved and valuable in Christ apart from any works you’re set free because you’re no longer transacting value of your identity based off of your works but instead you’re transacting value based off of God’sWord over you and once you understand who you are you’re prevented you can no longer take part in the marketplace in this world guys that to me is a message that wraps it all up and it stitches together and brings in multi pieces of scripture to kind of leave a story that is in line with theSpirit of Christ and in line with his mission and what he was talking about that’s it guys that’s my thoughts I hope you enjoyed it we’ll keep on going on a later date you guys take care


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