God, AI, and Consciousness

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check one two uh oh my mic might be

down a little bit let’s see if i have a


setting here i’m gonna see here i think

i do

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check one two check one two i’m gonna

just believe that you can hear me okay

guys we’re gonna talk about something

today which is

uh god ai and consciousness

so i had a discussion um

i was part of the christian

transhumanist so i’m on the board of the

christian transhumanist association and

we were talking this last week

about consciousness and will can we

throw resources toward a computer

uh to the point where it becomes


conscious where it has consciousness and

one of our members jonathan uh

i don’t know how to spez hudnall um one

of the board members

essentially he’s super smart engineer

and he’s in charge of ai

and his argument was that

that because he can see it just struck

me as so

interesting he said i don’t think so


i’m part of building an ai for my


and um and

in that i can see the architecture of

the thought process

and the output i don’t think

it’ll ever happen no matter how much

resource we throw at it

because and here’s what struck me and so

interesting because

i can see how it works i can see the

input output i can

tweak it and and so what strikes me the

pattern that strikes me is so


is that the bible says we see

in part we prophesy in part but when

perfection comes

with that which is imperfect will

disappear so we know when we look at

each other

now we kind of believe that there’s

consciousness on the other side

right of another person that they are

conscious so we kind of agree that they

have a con

they are a conscious being but we debate

whether a computer is a conscious being

now the one place that i see that is

problematic or not problematic but i

see that as questionable

is when people in when i saw um

that they were using ai to predict


i never can say this word right


recidivism whatever people go into jail

they come out and they’re or they’re

about to come out and they use ai to


whether that person will commit a crime

and what they didn’t like

about the output of the computer is this

they couldn’t kind of predict how

the computer was coming up with the

answers it was giving

so there is an instance that we start to

enter into an area

where we cannot see the whole thought

process so in other words

there is a place that

that we we go to where

um where we built a machine where we

can’t see it so we doubt

now someone is going to argue well

that’s not consciousness

that’s just proc data processing and you

can’t understand it

and i’m somewhat i’m thinking out loud

here but i just see this pattern

because i was i was working out you guys

know i think a lot while i’m working out

and i was thinking about this like does


doubt our consciousness because he can


our our thought process

does god look at us and say they’re not

true intelligence now

then this it fits the pattern his ways

are what

above our ways his thoughts are what

above our thoughts

right so if our thoughts are above the

computer’s thoughts

then and then like that fits a pattern

he created us

we are creating it so why would we doubt

that when we throw enough horsepower and

enough algorithms that eventually

it would become conscious to some extent

i think it will i think the computers


will emulate full consciousness

then there’s going to be all sorts of

problems of i mean like let’s take it

another way

okay let’s take it another way um and

and that is looking at the same verse

what happens if we know in full even as

we’re fully known i would ask jonathan

that question

what happens when you know in full my

thought process

every single reason why i would come to

a decision why does that

make me not be conscious anymore

can’t can’t answer right now i’m

shooting a video

does that make it so that i can’t that

i’m no longer

uh that i’m no longer conscious because

jonathan would understand


the algorithmic output of my decision


tree does do i lose consciousness

and i don’t think so i think he just

knows me

he would know me fully in the same way

that he knows the ai’s that he’s


just because the ai’s output is simple

doesn’t mean that it i just

something doesn’t feel right about his

answer i can’t exactly pinpoint it

but something doesn’t feel right it’s

just basically it’s like because i know

how it comes to the answer that means

that it’s

um that it’s not ever gonna be

conscious and it just poses all of these

weird questions

where i’m thinking well what if like

what if you connect with it oh that gets


like what if it

i don’t like it when my dog is barking

in the background

sorry about that i don’t even know if

you can hear that heck i’m i’m having to


really really close to the mic i don’t

even know if you can hear me

i hope you can um okay

that’s it i just these are some

arguments i’m going to throw this up on


christian transfumous uh blog

because it was a it was something that i

didn’t get to

like kind of unpack and i’m still kind

of processing through it i just

i’ve heard the argument made before and

i don’t buy it i don’t buy it because

the patterns that i see

i see us as a society

uncomfortable with algorithmic

output that we can’t understand and i

see that as the same pattern

of us looking at each other and


why we came up to the decisions that we

came up to

and that pattern of unknowingness

um that pattern of unknowingness

feels very similar to when jonathan says

it can’t be conscious because i know it

and so

it leads me to say and maybe i’m making

some sort of weird hypothesis some sort

of or

some sort of weird conclusion so correct

me if i’m wrong

someone please tell me how my thought


um as a matter of fact as a matter of


during that meeting

they brought up 50 oh cognitive biases

50 cognate i’m sure i’m chocked full of

cognitive biases

so someone out there has a has a i can


how i have a very distinct cognitive


to lean my thought process toward my

belief that

it will go a certain way post it in the

comments i’m going to throw this up on

the christian transhumanist blog

um but i just i don’t know i was

i was working out and thinking about it


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in the future y’all take it easy bye


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