Finally the church is starting to talk about AI

Finally the church is starting to talk about AI.  In 2012 I saw the movie Transcendent Man and was blown away.  For the first time I saw a way that science and religion could co-exist. 

I was super excited and have spent the last seven or eight years  re looking at the Bible in light of where we’re going with technology.

Finally AI become not only a trending topic, but one that people are taking seriously. (check the link below)–and-what-it-means-to-be-truly-human?fbclid=IwAR3g30UDvTyTkcKM04gQZTkvTibhsgvACMCw2x1917tUomRZsR4FmkC3cVk

 Eventually the church is going to have to Grapple with issues of relevancy.

Our traditions, such a scripture Memory/renewing the mind have to be re-examined. When I first got saved it was all about scripture Memory and making sure that we were ready in season and out of season because the days were evil.

But now our traditions are looking strange in light of tech.  For example, after brain-computer interfaces are in existence, what does it mean to memorize scripture?

And there’s a ton of tension on this subject. I deal with it everyday along the internet is I talk to folks about these things. Because growing up in the church, so much of us have believed that God was going to throw away the Earth. That the Earth would burn in fervent Heat and be destroyed.

But what if it’s not? What if guys like Howard storm who claims he met Jesus Christ and claims that in the future we will all control the weather of the planet with our minds, what if he’s right? What If eventually guys like Ray Kurzweil who say that we will be able to interface with matter at the atomic level are correct?

This would mean that we would be able to manipulate matter with our mind, thus full out changing global warming with our mental state.

It would mean that we no longer have death forced upon us.   That’s what Howard saw. He saw a place where people chose to die to be with the father when they wanted to.

And to me, this is what Jesus said. Jesus said that the last thing that would be put under his feet is death.  Daniel wrote that in the last days knowledge would abound. This is what we are seeing.

Now I get that we have always has the church interpreted this in light of Destruction, or evil taking over the Earth, but what if it doesn’t?

What If instead God has a beautiful wonderful plan where he is going to use artificial intelligence to connect us all. To connect through bci’s, brain computer interface, our brain straight to his word so that we can have the fullness of the knowledge of God at contemplation… Completely renewed Minds due to technology. The technology birthed out of the gift that he gave, and we know that the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.

For years I have stood apart from the synagogue. Effectively I’ve been booted out of traditional church because I chose to believe that God is doing something awesome. Something that we wouldn’t believe even if we were told.

I believe it’s habakkuk 1. Look to the nation’s and be utterly amazed. Because I believe that God is raising up the external, the Babylonians, the internet and measurement systems, the cameras, the things that measure the external, that invade homes that are not their own (us, even in our own bodies). I believe that he is using this technology to lock us down with external law so that we can understand how beautiful we are.

For years we have been separated, addicted and strung out and set in a dark places because of our disconnection. But I believe that God is bringing us together. I believe that even through stuff like the me-too movement, God will use it. He will use it for us to see that we are not created to exploit  anyone but rather to lift them up and build them up. He will use it to prevent us from addiction, Prevent us from becoming addicted

Free will Vs Robots

So is this taking away free will? Absolutely not!  I agree that God is not into creating robots.

Instead, he’s putting restraints on us so that we are less likely to stray from him. Like the Good Shepherd that he is.

Let me ask you, would you rather rob a bank these days with all the cameras and GPS tracking or back-end the old west times when you could get away with it? Of course when you could get away with it. 

These are the type of restraints that we are seeing. It’s not that you’re not free to rob the bank, it’s simply just looks like a lot less attractive of an option.

 I believe that God is behind this. And it will become even more and more.

 So  What’s left standing will stand. You see the houses getting burned, and everything that was built apart from the foundation of Christ is getting burned up with it even now. And will continue to be burned.

Get out of time! Look at the archetype rather than the literal. Understand how the spirit is truly moving. God is using the internet, he will use anything and everything to reach his kids who he desperately loves. Even so much as dying on the cross. Using this physical world to show as an example just how much he loves us.

He gave us a gift and the calling to subdue this Earth, he has empowered us with technical knowledge to do just that. And that’s exactly what we are doing!

We will fulfill the purpose that we were set out to do. We are the church, we are his body, and his purposes will not be stopped.

I believe that everyone will come to the knowledge of Christ as Howard storm saw within the next two hundred years.

 Okay, super excited for what the future holds.


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