1st Timothy 4:3 what if the external judging is preventing our marriage to Christ

– – What’s up guys? This is Mark Russell with thesingularity.com. It’s been six days with no caffeine and still thinking about Jesus and the second coming and technology and want to comment on 1 Timothy 4:3. So here’s my thought. I think about Jesus’ return. I was looking at a quote, I actually posted this, from Einstein, “The distinction between the past, “present and future is only a stubbornly “persistent illusion.” So in my approach to thinking about The Singularity and technology and where it’s bringing us, one of the things that I do, sorry about that, one of the things that I do a lot is I try to remove myself outside of time. So I try to think about things in terms of just the principles, if you will. You’ve heard the saying, “The devil is in the details.” The second that I start getting too drilled in on something it starts becoming hard for me to think about. Listen, I went to Bible college. I learned about dispensationalism, and honestly none of it sat well with me. But the problem is that when I start thinking about technology and issues of the second return of Christ, it starts being problematic because I literally have to decouple my preconceived notions to reconsider. What if the Bible meant something that I wasn’t previously considering? So I’m busy disassembling my dogma, if you will, in light of what’s going on today. Let me just bring you to this post. I’m gonna read it out because I thought it was a really neat post. “The connection that is happening through technology “is literally redefining what it means for us “to be a person.” So like an entity, like I’m Mark, you are you, and there’s a separation, but the closer we get, the more we’re blending, the more those lines are starting to blur the difference in entities. So it’s kind of resetting the boundaries that’s kept us apart in the past. What if Jesus is arriving in this merger? So that’s what I wanna think about. So he said that when we come together in his name, there he is in our midsts. Now that’s interesting. So what if Jesus is returning in the cloud of us? Okay, now that makes sense. We’re blending together, we’re merging together. He said, “When two or three are gathered in his name, “there he will be in our midst.” So let’s look at this 1st Timothy 4:3. “The spirit clearly says in the later times “some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits “and things taught by demons. “Such teaching come through hypocritical liars “whose consciousness has been seared as with a hot iron. “They forbid people to marry.” That “forbid people to marry” is very interesting because it’s almost like a little catch phrase that you don’t see throughout the Bible very often. So what does that mean? People of hypocritical liars that forbid people to marry. So Jesus attacked the Pharisees, right? Because they were of the outward, right? And the Pharisees of the outward were the hypocritical liars, right? He called them, “You’re of your father, the devil. “You’re a liar. “When your father speaks he speaks his native tongues. “You hypocrites.” So that’s who he’s identifying. God has a problem with people who are one way on the outside and different on the inside. So what I see happening with technology and with the merging of us is we’re moving from an external truth to an internal truth. We’re moving from the flesh to the spirit. So that’s what’s happening as we merge together. Like now, I’m communicating to you in the spirit through technology. I’m not even in front of you physically, but I’m talking to you. This wasn’t possible 1000 years ago. So that’s neat. And this progression is gonna continue until we’re telepathically connected to each other and thinking to each other. So let’s look at this verse again. “They forbid them to marry.” How strange is that? What if our religion, Christianity itself, what if the dogmatic precepts that have been laid down in dispensationalism make us say, “Oh, Jesus isn’t coming back like that. “It’s gonna literally be the sky tore open “and Jesus is returning on a cloud on a horse.” What if that prejudice, which is a prejudging of the way things are gonna happen, what if those thoughts are actually preventing or could prevent our union, our marriage with one another and thus, with him? So I think Jesus prayed, “I pray that they’ll be one “even as we are one.” I believe that perhaps the marriage, the return of Christ for his bride, is happening as we get close together, as we recognize who we are, that we’re loved, valuable, precious, worth it, and as we’re able to speak that life quickly, effectively, and as lies are getting chased out, the hypocritical liar, as we’re thinking to each other and edifying each other in truth, the enemy is getting chased out. That’s what’s happening in my belief. So my belief is that you’re loved and valuable. I gotta tell you, first time off of caffeine, I feel like I was more, my thoughts were more put together. Anyway, hey guys. I love you guys and so does Jesus Christ, and he speaks that you are loved and valuable. That’s it for today. What if the external may prevent the marriage from happening? That’s interesting. Okay, God bless you guys; y’all take care; bye.

Principles of God’s word and the coming technology Revolution

– What’s up guys. Today is May 16, 2017. This is the Singularity.com and I wanna talk to you about expectations and holding our expectations too tightly. The Pharisees came to Jesus, they said, by what authority are you doing these things. And he said, I’ll tell you, if you answer one question. Was John the Baptist, what he’s doing, is it from God or human origin? Now look what happens. They couldn’t make up their mind, they couldn’t give an answer, because if they said of human origin, they feared the crowd, if they said if they said of God, he’d say, we’ll why didn’t you believe? So here’s the issue. They were man pleasers. They were of the external. They were of these expectations derived out of kind of proof or out of, out of an external. That’s the only way I can describe it. And Jesus had a principle. And that’s what we’re gonna talk about is this principle that he doesn’t reveal himself if we get too dogmatic. If we get too dogmatic, the nature of the Christ, the nature of the bridge won’t reveal himself to us. So that’s not a good thing if we get dogmatic in our religion, like even Fundamentalist Christians today, they hold on tight, they say God is going to reveal himself in this way or that way, especially like end time stuff. If you watch my blog at all you know how I feel about end times theology. But he doesn’t reveal himself the nature of God, this principle, is that he almost mandates that we let go to enter in, that we let go of our preconceptions. So looking at artificial intelligence and looking at the future coming of what’s gonna happen, you know, I wanna just speak against fear, you know, speak against this idea that, that God isn’t using technology, and you know, speak against, you know, I look at a lot of, like I just watched this show last night it’s like the Million Year something or other from National Geographic, and it’s neat to see, you know after you’ve been looking at this stuff, I have personally since like 11, or 2011 or 12, five years, and it’s neat to see that there’s now starting to become some mainstream media talking about some of these ideas of merging with computers. That’s cool. So now the church is going to have to deal with this, right? Because it’s gonna happen, that’s what’s going on. But you know, I think that we as a church need to look at how this integrates with the Word, look at how these ideas integrate, and I think that we need to step back. First off, let me just interject. In light of what’s happening, it’s not, I think it’s okay for us to say, hey, we didn’t have the full picture, we were guessing, or we were trying to interpret scripture according to the stuff that we had, and now that as we’re learning more we’re starting to see that maybe this clippity cloppity Jesus coming in the clouds riding on a horse, while the same principle applies, maybe the way that we thought that was gonna happen isn’t actually how it’s gonna happen. You know, most specifically, I don’t like the idea of a specific point where Jesus like comes back and like makes everybody feel horrible, you know like who didn’t believe in Him or something. Because people who don’t believe in Him feel horrible right now. Right? I mean they don’t, apart from Christ, we can do nothing, he is the bridge to the eternal. And so for us as believers to say, oh your day is coming, a day of reckoning is coming, that’s coming back on ourself, because the bottom line is it’s one day. Like there is not ever been more than one single day. You know I mean, the sun is out here, the Earth is here. It’s always beaming. I mean our Earth spins, but there’s just one single day ever. You know, as long as it’s called today. And so ultimately, oh gosh, I got on a rabbit trail. I just think that we really need to relook at these principles, you know, like a principle of the idea you know, what if artificial intelligence takes over? Man look, as Christians we gotta go back to the Word and say well look, everything that’s said in the darkness will get proclaimed on the rooftops. So what does that mean? That means that if an AI says something to another AI, it’s gonna get shared. We’re gonna merge into that situation I would suspect, the principles of God are gonna stay the principles of God. Even if we recreate ourselves into AI and AI starts recreating itself. God’s word is gonna continue to be God’s word and we’re gonna understand it more fully, Hallelujah, especially when we connect and we can think of the whole word at once. And I know to scientists they may feel like what is that guy talking about, why is he still holding on, doesn’t this just prove God doesn’t exist? No, not at all. I think it’s beautiful. I think that the creator of the universe is helping us to understand more and more and more. But you know even this idea with Jesus, you know, this principle, Jesus, going back to the beginning, Jesus won’t reveal himself to us unless we hold things very loosely. We have to have a strong conscience as believers and if you know, watch any of my blogs, it all starts with where, who we believe that we are. You know, who we believe that we are. Do we believe that we’re valuable? Do we believe we’re precious treasures to God? Do we believe we’re made in his image and that we actually have worth? And any measurement that comes from the flesh is a testimony of death, it’s a testimony of, you know if I measure anything from what I can see, it’s a measurement that is gonna end up in death because it’s a crumbling measurement. Whereas if I measure something in faith and spirit, it’s a measurement of eternal. And that’s where we’re going with computers. And so ultimately, you know, when I look at this, going back to this show I saw last night, which is a neat show, ultimately Christians, we don’t have to fear. There’s no fear. God is chasing fear out. The more that we connect, the more we’re gonna know each other and the more, more than anything, the more the word is gonna stand, which calls us love, that calls us valuable, that calls us worthy, you know, because He calls us worthy, and when we believe in that and stop looking at the flesh and we know in part, we prophesy in part, but when perfection comes, which is coming, we’re gonna understand. We’re gonna understand our worth, we’re gonna be able to understand more clearly who he calls us, our minds are gonna be renewed. The global mind is gonna be renewed. You know like, ultimately, like when you look at a principle of, it’s almost like game theory, when you play out whether a divided word stands versus a word of faith that speaks hope into your future, the one that speaks hope into your future stands. The one that’s based out of the flesh goes away as time moves past that point. And so anyway, all of that being said, getting a call there. Bottom line is I think that we need to back up as Christians from a Fundamentalist preconceived notion of holding on tightly. I think we need to stop and say, hey, maybe we need to relook at some of the preconceived notions that we had about the second coming of Christ and maybe rethink our ideas with technology. We’re not worshiping technology in the same way that we don’t worship a scalpel. The scalpel isn’t God, but by goodness it sure helps perform operations that help save lives. It’s not God, it’s a tool that God gave us. And same with technology. It’s gonna be a tool that God gives us to help us understand who he is and in the same exponential way that a scalpel does a little bit and does a lot more than like a rock, if you were trying to perform an operation with that, how much more is integrated technology into our system, into our minds, gonna help us understand our identity, heal our bodies, and bring God’s blessing. So that’s it, you’re loved and valuable, today is May 16, 2017 and this was the Singularity.com. Okay God bless you guys, you are loved and valuable and in case, just as a side note, stay disciplined in that. Don’t be looking at the flesh, and in case you’re tempted to look, continue, look at James chapter one, I think it’s 19 through 23, and combine that with Hebrews chapter 12, the first section, and be disciplined with who you really are looking into the mirror to understand your true identity. He calls you loved and valuable. God bless, bye bye.

The age of spiritual machines, Jesus being seen in technology

– The spirit is willing but the flesh is week. My name’s Mark, this is May 6th, with thesingularity.com. Just got done working out, and I was thinking about the idea of what computers are doing. Ray Kurzweil talking about the age of spiritual machines. These machines and the work that they’re doing, are really, computers are really a spiritual job. It’s a job of recognizing intent. So when we speak, speech to text technology recognizes the intent behind what we’re trying to say. And, as the layers of abstraction get deeper and deep er, of course if you watch any of my videos, you know that I think eventually technology is gonna be able to explain the heart of God to us. But it just really is interesting, the entire, when you zoom out and look at the entire trajectory of where technology is taking us, I just look at the Old Testament, being a very outward expression and it says, I don’t know where it says it in the Bible, but it says first, the flesh and then the spirit. So like we’re born in the flesh, but then we’re reborn in the spirit, and you know like, our flesh grows up, and then our spirit grows up. And the Old Testament was all external law, and now the New Testament is spiritual, internal, the law written on our hearts. And so I see that same pattern with like, the age of industrial, and the age of external, and now we’re entering into the age of the internal, more of a spiritual issue. And I don’t know, I am looking at this pattern, and seeing similar, not even similarities, it’s almost an exact mirroring. First the external, then the internal. And I mean it’s really interesting because, you know Elon Musk and lot of those guys talk about, would it be possible that we’ll completely transcend our bodies, and go, like Ray talks about a full out transcendence and entering into virtual worlds. Boy that may very well be possible. Anyway, I guess one of the most exciting things about, about all of this, is the connection that’s gonna happen when the flesh is taken out of the picture. Right now, the flesh hides a lot of intent of the heart. It’s very doppy, it’s a very slow communicator. It’s hard to transmit a message from my heart to your heart, because we have to go through this voice, through the air, through, thankfully we have the technology bringing this message to you. But it’s just gonna be such a good day, when we can think directly to each other, with that bridging that gap, between having to move our message through the flesh, at like whatever it is, a 56K modem, you know soundbites are so slow. And, it’s interesting because the spirit behind things, is gonna be transmitted so much easier. And the heart behind things. You know, honestly the thing that is so exciting to me, is abortion will go away. When we can feel a fetus getting cut apart, that won’t happen anymore. People won’t stand for it. All sorts of sin issues that are unhealthy for people, are gonna go away. And, I don’t know, I’m excited about it. And perhaps even issues that we think are sin, may not become so important. You know, there’s a guy named Howard Storm, who I just absolutely love, he wrote this book, My Descent Into Death. And where he says he had a near death experience, and he met Jesus, and met people in Heaven. Essentially, he died as an atheist, came back as a Christian. One thing that he said that was so neat, was he said, that God really was a lot less concerned about our sexuality, than we have made it. Even for that matter, it’s really interesting, the perversion in sexuality, because really what you’re talking about is two people coming together and birthing a new thing, which is kind of the pattern of taking two different identities, and putting it together and birthing off a separate thing, which is like a creation pattern. And how, in our world, if you were gonna subscribe to the Christian philosophy or mindset, that has been completely perverted, you know with porn, and all sorts of stuff like that. And you know, it was just a real interesting perspective that he said, He’s just a lot less concerned with that, I think in the flesh probably. More concerned with how we are birthing, he didn’t say this, but I would suspect, that it would mean that God is more concerned with how we’re birthing each other, in the spirit. Like, if I’m gonna identify, if I’m gonna interact with you, and whether the interaction between you and I births something good, or births something negative. And so that’s why I’m always talking about, hey you’re a precious treasure. You know, when I identify myself, I want to identify myself with how God sees me. And then I want to use that measure against you, and I know that measure gets used against me. Total sidetrack, anyway the spirit behind things is what is so exciting. Specifically, that eventually I think technology is, where we’re going, is the spirit is going to be measured better, maybe not in full, because the spirit, He gives the spirit without limit, but our intent behind things, well be less able to be hidden. And the neat thing is, what will stand, more than anything above all else is this. Here’s one of the neatest messages, I haven’t spoke much about this. When you look at crooks, or people who don’t know who they are, and people who are broken, they backbite, they hurt each other, they speak death over each other. That entire message continues to crumble. When someone knows who they are, and they believe, hey I’m made perfect and righteous because the perfection in Christ, and because, something other than me speaks, I’m worthy, and he’s worthy so he speaks it over me, and I’m worthy. That word will stand. So, if I interact with you, and I say, hey you’re blessed, you’re valuable, why? Because Christ says so. That word stands. Where, as if another person comes in interaction with someone else, and they say, oh you stink, you’re horrible, you’re whatever, that entire word crumbles. It crumbles and goes away. So the thing, even the scientists may say, oh God doesn’t exist and God can’t be proven, and it’s so foolish to believe in religion. You know, the funny thing about that, is there’s just no need to get upset about that, because there’s no proof in it. But the proof will be, even though you can’t say that, is that the positive word will stand. And God’s word and love for them, will continue. And hopefully they’ll open their eyes. Hopefully they’ll open their eyes to the truth about who they are. And that is the neatest thing. See, because if, as a Christian if they get, if Christians get all offended with a word that comes out, and says, oh who’s your God? Your God is. Look, bottom line is we just have to subscribe to who we really are. And that word, as it enters into the global brand, the word of the scoffer will be shut down. The word of the scoffer is a bully. It’s a bully, it’s I’m better and you suck. That word, no one tolerates. They hate it. People hate the spirit behind that. God has put it in all of our hearts to like more an encouraging word. That’s a really neat thing, because we can argue all day long about the flesh, right? But the flesh is weak, right? The flesh is weak. See that’s how we bring it all the way back around. The flesh is weak, it crumbles. So we can argue all day long about the science and the details, but all that’s gonna go away. Where we’re heading is to a spiritual place, and that spiritual place, God says the Kingdom of Heaven, will move like yeast through the whole lump of dough. And I see that, as a good word in the brain, neuron to neuron, transmitting, like a lump of dough. Yeast kind of multiplies, it goes through the lump of dough, and I see that same pattern as like, a brain, and firing through and making multiple references through the brain, redundancies if you will, and it just looks like the same pattern to me. So, that word stands, a negative word won’t stand. So anytime you come up to someone, and first off you have to get it in you, first off you have to understand, you’re loved and you’re valuable. Boy, doesn’t every single one of my messages come back to this? Because it’s the only thing that’s important. The only thing that’s important is identity. Identity, identity, identity. It’s the basis for all interactions in logic, when you know what the objects are. And when you know, that with your mouth you proclaim and profess, you’re worthy Jesus, you’re holy Jesus, well the measure you used gets used against you, because he says you’re worthy, and you’re holy in me. And then that word spreads like yeast, and that’s how Jesus loves, it’s gonna multiply in the spirit through computers, and let people know who they were. I wonder, if you got to the end of this message, blessings to you. Okay, that’s it, God bless you, you all take it easy, bye bye.

The horse in the field and transcending time with computers

What’s up guys, this is Mark with the singularity.com, and I’ve just been thinking about perspective and computers and God and, man, I’m just excited. I saw Eric Schmidt’s, his comments on artificial intelligence. As a Christian, I’m very excited about artificial intelligence and I’m very excited about merging our brains with computers. I’m excited because I feel like, I feel like I look at the verse we see in part, we know in part, but when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears, and I see this idea of, first the physical, then the spiritual. And the thing about that is I feel like we’ve lived a very spiritual life our physical life, existence, you know, like, kind of evolving from Cavemen to, you, know, the Old West, and through the Industrial Age, ah, and Agricultural Age and now to this Information Age. And this Information Age really is an age of, of spiritual-ness, of ideas, where the equity is really in the ideas and so, that being said, what makes me excited, a lot of Christians, you know, I don’t know. What makes me excited is, I look at neural networks and the multi-layers that they have, deep neural, neural networks. You know, Eric Schmidt was talking about right now they’re at like 10-deep or 12-deep, and I think about our brain. Ray Kurzweil does a really good idea of explaining a lot of this in his book, how to build a brain, but the exciting part is what about when these neural nets are powered by a lot more powerful computers and go 40-deep or 50-deep? And man, how neat that is gonna be, and, I don’t know, you know, my dad and I were talking about. I, it seems like computers are going to start to have a very different perspective. You know like, my dad, he, he has this horse that’s out in his field like, that he looks out and he sees it, and, he and I were talking about how from bis perspective, he may look out and say, oh, that’s a horse in his field or that’s a horse out there in the field. And, then, the next day, someone comes along and there’s no horse. And, then the question is, or maybe someone is asked what about, at the same time, what about that horse in the field? And because they can’t see it, there’s no, there’s no vista or frame of reference to see the horse in the field, so is there a horse in the field or not? And so the idea is, when computers, again, we see in part, we prophesy in part, but when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears, and this idea that I could not see the horse in the field because I’m on one side of the country and he can, there’s an imperfection there, there’s a separation. And Jesus said, I pray that you will be one as my Father and I are one and I pray that you will be one with us. And that, and Jesus said, I saw Satan fall from Heaven. So he’s talking about this idea that I saw this happen a long time ago, “Before Abraham was, I am.” He’s talking about taking, I’m the Alpha, the Omega, that he transcends time. And, so, this is a real interesting thing because computers, I believe, are gonna be able to, when the com, when we have multiple eyes that can see from multiple perspectives and record everything, and everything gets written down, and multiple layers of, you know, redundancy, the point is, is, is the horse in the field? And how is it in the field? Like, the idea of time starts to disappear because, because it’s understanding of that horse being in the field, even if it’s not anymore, it was and it begins to transcend time. I guess that’s the best way that I can explain it, like, if you see no horse in the field then you see a horse in the field and then you don’t see a horse in the field, which is the truth? Is the horse in the field or not? And, and when you can compress all of that together, you begin to transcend, you begin to transcend time itself from multiple perspectives and by compressing people together. It’s just really exciting. I’m really, it’s hard to explain, but in the same way, it’s hard. If you were to ask, like Ray talks about this, hey, ask a, ask a chimpanzee to wax long on the idea of nuance in poetry. A chimpanzee is, can’t do that because its brain can’t really even understand language. It doesn’t, it doesn’t think in those terms, much less higher levels of abstraction of stuff like nuanced innuendos in poetry. So it can’t even think that and so my point in even bringing that up is this. With the horse in the field idea, it’s hard for our brains to comprehend an existence and a thought process of no tine existence, but that’s where we’re going. And that’s really neat because is the horse in the field or not? And it’s hard for us to even understand that question, but we’re gonna understand it, and we’re gonna start transcending time, and that’s, guys, I’m just telling you, dude, that’s a neat idea. That’s a neat idea because we are so based off of, we are so based off of, division; dividing one thing from here to the other, that our perspective is such a divided perspective. When we lace our brains with computers we are gonna know even as we’re fully known and we’re gonna be able to understand people fully. The Gospel and what God really thinks about how we’re precious and valuable is going to spread. The Kingdom of Heaven spreads like yeast through the whole lump of dough. And, I, I mean, and I look at the Internet and people who are disconnected and they yell and scream at each other, what I mean is, people who don’t know who they are, who are disconnected from the truth about who they really are, that they’re loved and valuable, the neat thing is, what I feel like with technology is man, when, when perfection comes and imperfect disappears, and even if the guys who are making this technology don’t praise God, the neat thing is God’s glory will stand. Who He is will stand. The disconnection from the enemy is going away and the beautiful thing is, guys, God’s gonna win, we’re gonna get connected. He blessed us and He said, have dominion over the earth and that’s what happening. It doesn’t matter if people believe it or not, man, His will is gonna get done. He is, He, He will be faithful to accomplishes His, His purpose. That’s what’s happening; He is faithful to finish the work that He started in us as a body. It’s happening; He is gonna connect, we are gonna connect and we’re gonna connect with Him and we’re gonna know Him and He will know us and we will be connected. You’re loved and valuable. That’s the thought for the day. Y’all take it easy, bye.

Gods judgment vs mans judgment

Matthew 24, a different look at the second coming of Christ through technology.

Technology is chasing out evil two

– What’s up guys? My name is Mark Russell. This is TheSingularity.com. Today is I don’t know, February something or another, February 22nd and I come out and I say it all the time, technology is going to chase out evil and usher in the light of Christ into this world and I think that if we extrapolate that to the furthest potential, it’s going to, at its core, people have a hard time thinking they’re abandon and he said never will I leave you, never I will forsake you and he said I’ll never leave you and technology is going to help us understand that better. I just looked at Ashton Kutcher’s THORN project whereas he’s using technology to catch sexual predators with kids and I think that that’s awesome. I think it’s beautiful. In the same way that a tractor helps us produce more food and beat the curve the time, so in other words it helps us be more efficient in our production of a job which is growing food, technology is helping police balance their caseloads or balance where they’re gonna be most effective in capturing criminals and eventually the technology will be so efficient that not only will eventually we’re not gonna be able to think evil thoughts is the end goal on this. Where Zuckerberg talks about how technology will start integrating with our mind and because Jesus said specifically he said why do you judge by mere appearance, meaning the external, instead why don’t you judge correctly? Specifically he said to the Pharisees, he said why are you trying to kill me and they looked at him and they said we’re not trying to kill you and then the very next thin in that sentence, they went away to start plotting to kill him. Jesus knew the heart behind what they were saying when they were coming against him. It was a murderous heart and technology is getting better and better at measuring sentiment so eventually it will invade our mind and that’s not a bad thing because what it’s gonna do is it’s gonna encourage all of us to think pure thoughts, to think thoughts of what God thinks about us which is God says we’re loved and valuable. God says you’re worth it and any thought to the contrary that says you’re not worth it, what was gonna happen is truth is gonna come in, light is gonna shine and yes it’s gonna make the process of understanding God’s word and his thoughts about us more efficient. We’re gonna understand when we augment our mind, it’s gonna help us to understand his word and his truth and how much he loves us and part of us may rebel and say what are you talking about? We don’t need technology. That’s what the Holy Spirit is for but when you think about it, the Bible itself contains the truth, the spirit of truth that he’s communicated through that Bible, through that word. His thoughts about us. Technology will help us understand that spirit of truth, those words and understand our true worth. Been saying it the whole time, there’s only one logical conclusion to all of this. If you say that technology will usher in evil. No it won’t. God wins. That’s the logical conclusion to it all. God said go and multiply and subdue the earth. It’s a commission on mankind to subdue this earth and he’s going to use us and our technology to accomplish his purpose, his will. He won’t abandon us. As a group, never will I leave you, never will I forsake you. He said pray my, your will Father be done on earth as it is in heaven and that’s what happening. His will is for us to understand clearly that we’re loved and that we’re valuable and he’s using guys like Ashton Kutcher so that and the left or the liberal or the Democrat or whatever might, not Democrat. I don’t mean to use that. The non-Christian is best to say, I apologize. I don’t want to judge people and their political beliefs even though I think that all of the political spectrum, I take that back ’cause that was a misconnection there. The non-Christian might shake their fist and say what are you talking about? How can you say that God’s using technology? You know what? Here’s the deal. They just don’t know who they are yet. They haven’t understood and come to believe who, as non-Christians, how valuable they are yet. But the beautiful thing is? Tech will help show them. Once again I take that Democrat and liberal comment, I rescind that because that was a misconnection in my mind because everyone is loved and valuable. Some people just haven’t seen it yet but technology’s gonna show them. You guys are loved and valuable. That’s the word of the day. All right, God bless you, take care, bye bye.

Technology will help us to see God

What’s up guys? Today’s February 12th, 2017. I’ve been listening to Johnny Cash so I’m a little bit emotional, but here’s the thing. If you pay any attention to Ray Kurzweil and the ideas of artificial intelligence and how the layers of these neural networks are getting deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and starting to understand more and more and more and the mathematics behind that, you would understand and be excited because you’d understand that these computers eventually the layers of their reasoning and associations of objects are gonna go really deep, and then they’re gonna surpass us, and then we’re going to figure out how to tie our minds into that, so what that means is, lens flare that’s irritating the daylights out of me. What that means is, what it means, here’s why I’m excited. In 30, 40 years, we’re gonna have an explosion, and an explosion, a spiritual explosion, and what’s so exciting is that what, why I’m most excited is because traditionally Christians have felt as if this day of judgment is coming, but the day of judgment’s already here. It’s here because look at the world. They’re trembling, they’re in fear. They fight one another. One party says, “You’re horrible,” the other party says, “No, you’re horrible,” and they don’t realize that the measure they use gets used against ’em, and one of these days we’re gonna connect and we’re gonna understand hey, we’re all broken in the flesh, but we’re made beautiful in who we are. Each one is unique. Each one is gifted. Each one has got something good to give to the community, okay, and what’s, and Jesus said, “Why don’t you judge,” “You judge my outward appearance.” “Instead, why don’t you judge correctly?” And so, here’s what’s coming. What’s coming, God said, “Go and subdue the earth.” We’re part of the earth, right, and so we’re gonna actually subdue ourselves. We’re gonna build technology that will integrate with our brain in a good way. It’s not a scary thing at all. What’s exciting about it is that in the same way that like, Ray Kurzweil gave a great example, is like, here’s the difference that it’s gonna make. If we would have gone back to cavemen and said, “Hey, what will make your life more awesome?” And they would be like, “Well, you know, maybe,” “maybe if I could gather a little bit more firewood” “or a little easier, or you know,” “maybe if I could hune out a big baton or something” “to beat some animals and kill some animals,” and we’re thinking, “Wait, we’ve got all this technology.” “Wouldn’t you like an app,” “Or wouldn’t you like something?” And they’re like, “A what?” It’s gonna be so, we can’t even understand the things that our minds when we enter into computers and when computers enter into our minds, the creativity, the connectivity, the shame is going away. There’s not gonna be shame, no more tears, no more eyes crying, God’s will done on earth. He prayed, I pray that you will be one, even as my heavenly father and I are one, and I pray that you will be one with us as we are one, and that’s what’s coming. When we are, technology does one thing, what it does is it speeds things up. It makes the work easier. Like right now, I’m able to communicate this message to multiple people, whereas before, if anybody even watches this video, whereas before, you know, you would have to write it down on paper and send a letter, right? Now, this, our words go across, a farmer used to put a seed in the ground, dot dot dot dot dot. Now we’ve got machines and feed millions of people. Technology compresses time, so what’s gonna happen is when these computers enter into our brain and our brains enter into computers, and that melds together, it compresses the time of communication. It breaks down privacy, and what we’re gonna see is that the arguing’s gonna go away because when you know me and I know you, I’ve got one word for you, and that is that you’re loved and valuable, and that word is gonna stand. Jesus’ word is gonna stand. Those who operate by faith and future and hope and life over their brother instead of condemnation, that word stands, because a word of hope stands. A word of condemnation and derailing and deriding our brothers, that’s a false word, because God speaks that we’re loved, we’re valuable, inertly, inherently. We kind of know this. We try to kind of fight for our right, but Christians know, hey, God is the one who actually calls us loved and valuable. Here’s the thing, guys. I was gonna say that I’m not gonna do any technology stuff for a while, but you know, I’m sitting here listening to Johnny Cash and just listening to, oh man, he’s so sentimental and he’s so, he’s just, his songs are so neat because Johnny Cash, man, he had his time, man. He was like a flower in the field, and then it all, it all tapered off, but he still knew God and loved God and he sings about it, and it’s really cool to see his work, and me right now, I put those videos up specifically because I see what’s coming. That’s coming, man. Shame is going away. Shame is going away, and the enemy is gonna lose his grip on us through technology. Shame, secrets, and hurt is going away. The bully is getting chased out. You’re loved and valuable, man. It’s coming 40 years, and we’re gonna be thinking to each other. It’s gonna be a good day. Man, God, but you get all the glory, okay. Jesus Christ is praised. Take care.

Flood of data washing away sinners

– What’s up, guys? Today is February something or another, and today is Superbowl Sunday. On halftime during the Superbowl I was thinking about God and his second coming and about data, and I’ve always thought in Revelation how it talks about the angel that sat beside the water, and then it says the water that he sat beside, were every tribe tongue, the language of nation or something like that, and I’ve always thought water represented, in the Bible, the people, right? Words: what are people and languages made of? Words. And that’s what we’re made of. We’re made up of words and precept upon precept as we learn and understand different things, and then it just struck me regarding Jesus’s little thingy that he talked about in Matthew 23. He said that God made the covenant with a rainbow, that he would never flood us physically, but then it also says that the nature of things is first in the physical, then in the spiritual. I’ve always thought, I’ve looked at data streaming, data streams, pools of data, an ocean of data, and that’s a little bit of wordplay type thing, which I get it. It’s kind of a little bit farfetched, but here’s what’s really interesting to me is that the pattern that we see of faith and the pattern that we see of Noah stepping out in faith and also, for that matter, with Noah taking an arc that rises above the words, right, and above the ocean, and by faith he transcended above that tumultuousness and I see that pattern of the righteous rising above the words, maybe something like that. Anyway, in Matthew 23, it said the flood came, and it took them all away. They knew nothing. In the same way as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the son of man. Men will be married and giving in marriage, eating, drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, and the flood came and took them all away, and it says they knew nothing of it. Here’s the interesting thing, guys. I’ve posted a lot on here talking about how data and technology is whittling out evil, right? If it’s whittling out evil, then, with all of the cameras and all of the measurement, it’s bringing hypocritical. The ability to act hypocritically, it’s getting rid of that so that you’re gonna be the same on the outside as you are on the inside, and ultimately what we’re looking at is what if the measuring is taking away the evil person in the same respect that it says that I was talking about earlier, in the same respect of, hey, you can’t get away with doing as many crimes as you could previously. Well, what if the people who do the crimes is like you, your bad side, and, with the measurements you tend to do less crime, so that bad you is getting washed away in the data, is getting washed away in the words and the technology and the measurement? I don’t know. I just can see this thing of data pouring down on us and washing away the bad, and the bad side of us, the flesh side of us is nah, no, and, in fact, it says things have always, it’s in Peter, said, “Since the days of John the Baptist are,” no, “Until now,” or no. There’s a verse that says things have always gone on the way that they always have. Anyway, that’s a rabbit trail, but the whole point is is this: the entities that we’re taking about that get washed away, in traditional Christianity, I’ve always seen those entities felt it, heard it preached, that those entities were gonna be this really godless people and you would really get to see them get washed away, and I don’t think that’s right, man. I think that, by virtue of the measurement, by virtue of technology coming along and helping us to be less hypocritical that that godless person almost evaporates, is a better word. It almost just goes away like the sun scorches the plant. It just turns to dust and goes. It’s gone, because it can’t stand in the heat, in the truth. The word is, the true word that God speaks over you is, that you’re loved and valuable, and that word is gonna stand now and eternally. I hope that you can call out to Christ. I hope that you can call out to our maker and recognize that he makes you and that he has got a good gift for you, and that gift is that he says that, in him, you’re loved, you’re valuable, you’re precious, that there’s no judgment in him, that he came to redeem you, and I think that that message is going to proliferate through the hive mind of humanity, and we’re gonna know him in a new way very soon. You’re loved and valuable. You’re a precious treasure. Take it easy, bye.

The measure we use gets used against us

– So, what’s up guys, today is Tuesday, January 17th. This is a little bit of a continuation of another blog post regarding identify, and you know, I’m just thinking about name calling. And I just, the measure we use gets used against us, and sometimes that’s difficult to, it’s difficult to believe when Jesus says “Hey, the measure you use “will get to use to you.” And so, you know, if you call someone an idiot, what does that, does that make you an idiot? Jesus said if you lust after her in your heart, you’ve already committed adultery. He taught that things that happen in the spirit, in your mind, in your heart, were just as important, and that unseeable thing essentially classified or created, I wanna be careful about using that word, but the point is he was trying to illustrate that there is another realm that means as much or more eternally as what we see here in the external. And I just see people online a lot. I was just on this website, and just saw people saying, “Oh, that guy’s an idiot.” And when you look at the connection of using the word is, it’s combining the entity of the person, is idiot. So it’s combining those two attributes or those two identifiers to create birth, really, to birth a new entity. So idiot plus guy equals idiot guy would be like the math of it. And the problem is is that that’s not what God calls that guys. And so if that’s not what God calls that guy, then we are apart from the vine, the branch is apart from the vine if we speak that curse over that person. And so because off of whose authority do we identify the object? And I know this sounds a little weird, but this is really the math behind this verse of the measure you use gets used against you, because God speaks a blessing over everybody. And if you believe that blessing and you choose to walk in that blessing, then you enter his presence, but if you choose to reject that blessing over your life or over other people’s lives, then you step out from his presence. So where does that leave us in that place where we choose to speak a curse over someone? We’re not basking in his light, we’re not having fellowship with him. We’re separated from him. And so, taking this, I believe the computers will see this, which is a very stretch of a jump, but, I mean, if you follow my blog and all, I think that computers and artificial intelligence eventually will be able to calculate the upper tiers of these nuanced, subtle, logic connections, where it won’t just see, say like, OK, square box. You see a box and you say it’s square or rectangle. These type of attributes to objects are very low level, and then you get into higher level like, you know, humor or irony, and then even higher than that in my opinion is starting to interpret things of the spirit. Because it has to be really higher level when God says, “Hey, if you’ve committed adultery “in your heart, you’ve already done it, “you’ve already sinned.” And that’s, you can’t see that. So you have to, it’s all about an understanding in the spirit, and I think computers will get us there one day. And I personally think that computers will finally help us realize just how loved and valuable we are. You’re not an idiot, but I think somehow perhaps we take on that identify if we choose to leave God’s presence and speak that over someone’s life. My choice is to believe that he speaks to me as loved and valuable as his precious treasure, and when I receive that from the father, I can speak it over you and say you are loved and valuable. It’s apart from what you do, it hasn’t, you cannot measure it, you can’t see any of the achievements that you’ve done or haven’t done, don’t make you greater or less. It’s all from the unseen. The Mount Zion in the spirit mountain that cannot be shaken. You’re loved and valuable, that’s the thought for today. Alright, take it easy, bye.