April 16, 2014

Christians and The Singularity


Christians and The Singularity

If you are a Christian, The Technological Singularity that is coming may just usher in unprecedented changes that you would really want to be aware of.

I won’t claim this as “gospel”, however as an aspiring computer scientist and Christian, I can’t help but think that The Technological Singularity could play a major role creating the physical manifestation of the anti-christ.

There are many things say about this subject, but it would take longer than this one post.

However,  if you are a Christian,  the emergence of The Singularity may be worth paying attention to.  Really big changes are coming very soon and are just around the corner and it may be time for Christians to wake up and what all the super smart scientist have been creating.

All of mankind’s knowledge,  the knowledge of good and evil, is now being recorded and stored into databases.  All the things you say, both good and evil, can now be recorded and stored.

It makes me think that the rise of the anti-christ could come from the culmination of all man’s thoughts, knowledge, and words.   After all, if we were to record and compress all that we say and do into a network of interlinked databasses, would we not have the culmination of all men?

This seems that it could point to the birth of a new level of intelligence.  A level of intellegence made by the hands of man and comprising the thoughts of man.

Could The Singularity give birth to this thing called the anti-christ…The Beast?

I am very happy that the lie that science and religion are two separate things.   Within the community of scientists who focus on the emergence of The Singularity, a sence of “spirituality” is being discussed as a real thing.  It is undeniable that there is some element of spiritual”ness” to us all, and to hear scientist talking about this is very refreshing.   Whether they subscribe to the teachings of Christ or not,  at least the conversation is back on the table since Darwin took it off.

Hey Christians!  Don’t stick your heads in the sand on this one…   It didn’t do much good last time.

Listen to this video and you get a sence of where mankind may be headed.