The Pattern of This World

Do not be conformed to the pattern of this world. My name is Mark. Today is April 28th, and this is an encouraging word for you about your identity, and who you are. So I just got done working out, and I was thinking about that verse, Romans 12:2, do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed through the renewing of your mind. Then you’ll be able to test and approve what God’s will is, his good pleasing, and perfect will. So I was thinking. Me and my kids just got done working out. And I was thinking, wanting to encourage them and who they really are. That they are precious, and they are valuable. And I was thinking about Jesus’ death. And we talked a couple weeks ago in church about how the enemy, when Jesus went to be tempted by the devil, the enemy, three times, said if you are the son of God, if you are the son of God, if you are the son of God. Three separate times Jesus got tempted, and three separate times he did not respond in the flesh, according to the enemy’s demand of him. And look at the pattern here. He said, I listen to my father, and I do the will of my father. I’m listening to what he tells me to do, and I do it. So this is like father of the unseen, right. And so what happened when you back up, and you look at the entire process. Jesus got, for your viewpoint, Jesus got accused of the world, refused to respond up to the point of death, and then what happened? What happened was after that point, where he actually died, God raised up a new life. A new him. That’s the point that I want to say to you. When we refuse in this world to say, I’m not made, or to agree with the world. When we refuse to agree with them, and we decide I’m not made by this world. So someone says, who do you think you are, let’s prove it, come on, gimme, gimme, gimme, perform one way or another, whatever it is. How rich are you? How successful are you? What kind of car do you drive? What kind of, how good looking are you? How good looking is your soul mate, or whatever? All of these temptations. How nice is your house? How much money do you have? When we respond to that, we respond in kind. Even though the verse said, like Jesus said, let the dead bury their own dead, right. So this world, this shell, this exterior, has a way of doing things. And he’s saying leave that, leave it. And instead, be renewed, let ’em kill ya, continue to understand who you really are spiritually. That you’re valuable spiritually, it’s important. And what happens is that when we decide, hey, I’m over it. That’s not me. I’m not responding to what you say. I’m not responding to your, I’m not gonna dance for you. I’m not gonna put on a show for you. And when we decide to die to that, and let them accuse us, but not respond, then what happens is we get strong inside. We decide to listen to God saying, hey, you’re valuable, you’re loved, you’re precious, okay? And what happens is our mind gets renewed, and we become, God raises to life, a new person. Because the fact is, but you can’t prove it, is that you are loved and valuable. Has nothing to do with what you do. It has to do with what God spoke in to existence because he does not make garbage, okay? He makes valuable, precious entities. Uh oh, like this little entity. What? What’s going on, shaky camera? Come here. You’re gonna finish up my video, come here. Come here.

– Hey dad.

– Look at that little precious entity. Hey, you know you’re a precious treasure? Do you know you’re loved and valuable? Okay, say to everybody, say I’m loved and valuable.

– I’m loved and valuable.

– Yes you are. Okay, say bye everybody.

– Bye everybody.

– That’s it for you guys are loved and valuable, too. Your heavenly father speaks it over you. You guys take it easy.


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