The measure we use gets used against us

– So, what’s up guys, today is Tuesday, January 17th. This is a little bit of a continuation of another blog post regarding identify, and you know, I’m just thinking about name calling. And I just, the measure we use gets used against us, and sometimes that’s difficult to, it’s difficult to believe when Jesus says “Hey, the measure you use “will get to use to you.” And so, you know, if you call someone an idiot, what does that, does that make you an idiot? Jesus said if you lust after her in your heart, you’ve already committed adultery. He taught that things that happen in the spirit, in your mind, in your heart, were just as important, and that unseeable thing essentially classified or created, I wanna be careful about using that word, but the point is he was trying to illustrate that there is another realm that means as much or more eternally as what we see here in the external. And I just see people online a lot. I was just on this website, and just saw people saying, “Oh, that guy’s an idiot.” And when you look at the connection of using the word is, it’s combining the entity of the person, is idiot. So it’s combining those two attributes or those two identifiers to create birth, really, to birth a new entity. So idiot plus guy equals idiot guy would be like the math of it. And the problem is is that that’s not what God calls that guys. And so if that’s not what God calls that guy, then we are apart from the vine, the branch is apart from the vine if we speak that curse over that person. And so because off of whose authority do we identify the object? And I know this sounds a little weird, but this is really the math behind this verse of the measure you use gets used against you, because God speaks a blessing over everybody. And if you believe that blessing and you choose to walk in that blessing, then you enter his presence, but if you choose to reject that blessing over your life or over other people’s lives, then you step out from his presence. So where does that leave us in that place where we choose to speak a curse over someone? We’re not basking in his light, we’re not having fellowship with him. We’re separated from him. And so, taking this, I believe the computers will see this, which is a very stretch of a jump, but, I mean, if you follow my blog and all, I think that computers and artificial intelligence eventually will be able to calculate the upper tiers of these nuanced, subtle, logic connections, where it won’t just see, say like, OK, square box. You see a box and you say it’s square or rectangle. These type of attributes to objects are very low level, and then you get into higher level like, you know, humor or irony, and then even higher than that in my opinion is starting to interpret things of the spirit. Because it has to be really higher level when God says, “Hey, if you’ve committed adultery “in your heart, you’ve already done it, “you’ve already sinned.” And that’s, you can’t see that. So you have to, it’s all about an understanding in the spirit, and I think computers will get us there one day. And I personally think that computers will finally help us realize just how loved and valuable we are. You’re not an idiot, but I think somehow perhaps we take on that identify if we choose to leave God’s presence and speak that over someone’s life. My choice is to believe that he speaks to me as loved and valuable as his precious treasure, and when I receive that from the father, I can speak it over you and say you are loved and valuable. It’s apart from what you do, it hasn’t, you cannot measure it, you can’t see any of the achievements that you’ve done or haven’t done, don’t make you greater or less. It’s all from the unseen. The Mount Zion in the spirit mountain that cannot be shaken. You’re loved and valuable, that’s the thought for today. Alright, take it easy, bye.

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