The IPFS, Efficiency, Quantum Computers, AI, and God

Just read a great post from Alex white regarding the IPFS, its efficiency through quantum computers and how a I might end up propelling us to unimaginable  efficiency and decentralisation of what we now know as the internet.

You can read his complete article here.

It’s worth the read. Very interesting. What’s most interesting is finally we are able to start talking about this and where it’s going to take us as a human species.  I’m super excited because Christians, at least American evangelicals where I spent most of my formative Christian years, are soon going to have to Grapple with the changes that are coming.

Thankfully I guess this change will happen slow enough that the Youth of today will grow into these changes and accept them simply as the way things are. But for generation x’ers, we’ve gotten to see both side. At least those who were in The Evangelical world. We’ve gotten to see and hear sermons preached on mark of the beast and movies like left behind, and now in contrast, we are getting to see blessings brought in by technology.

Sure, there are still Skeptics as addressed in this article that will choose to view change  from a cynical perspective, but the new generation will not. They will not be tainted by their predispositions and their prejudgments. Instead they’ll just grow  up in a world where we are heavily heavily connected.

 Jesus said we would become one and this is what is happening.

I believe one day we will think to each other fluidly. There won’t be any more separation. I believe that artificial intelligence and quantum computers will eventually bring us together, mind to mind, Heart to Heart.

To me this puts an entirely different light on being surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses. And it puts an entirely different perspective on the Great Commission.

I mentioned it before, but it’s worth saying again. God is not creating robots that won’t have any choice but not to sin or face God’s wrath, but instead God is bringing us closer and closer to God so that every man woman and child will be able to see God so much more clearly, we will be so much closer to each other and to God, connected, and we won’t want to run.  We won’t WANT to sin.

Thus,  God won’t be creating robots, but instead sons and daughters who know God.


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