The horse in the field and transcending time with computers

What’s up guys, this is Mark with the, and I’ve just been thinking about perspective and computers and God and, man, I’m just excited. I saw Eric Schmidt’s, his comments on artificial intelligence. As a Christian, I’m very excited about artificial intelligence and I’m very excited about merging our brains with computers. I’m excited because I feel like, I feel like I look at the verse we see in part, we know in part, but when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears, and I see this idea of, first the physical, then the spiritual. And the thing about that is I feel like we’ve lived a very spiritual life our physical life, existence, you know, like, kind of evolving from Cavemen to, you, know, the Old West, and through the Industrial Age, ah, and Agricultural Age and now to this Information Age. And this Information Age really is an age of, of spiritual-ness, of ideas, where the equity is really in the ideas and so, that being said, what makes me excited, a lot of Christians, you know, I don’t know. What makes me excited is, I look at neural networks and the multi-layers that they have, deep neural, neural networks. You know, Eric Schmidt was talking about right now they’re at like 10-deep or 12-deep, and I think about our brain. Ray Kurzweil does a really good idea of explaining a lot of this in his book, how to build a brain, but the exciting part is what about when these neural nets are powered by a lot more powerful computers and go 40-deep or 50-deep? And man, how neat that is gonna be, and, I don’t know, you know, my dad and I were talking about. I, it seems like computers are going to start to have a very different perspective. You know like, my dad, he, he has this horse that’s out in his field like, that he looks out and he sees it, and, he and I were talking about how from bis perspective, he may look out and say, oh, that’s a horse in his field or that’s a horse out there in the field. And, then, the next day, someone comes along and there’s no horse. And, then the question is, or maybe someone is asked what about, at the same time, what about that horse in the field? And because they can’t see it, there’s no, there’s no vista or frame of reference to see the horse in the field, so is there a horse in the field or not? And so the idea is, when computers, again, we see in part, we prophesy in part, but when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears, and this idea that I could not see the horse in the field because I’m on one side of the country and he can, there’s an imperfection there, there’s a separation. And Jesus said, I pray that you will be one as my Father and I are one and I pray that you will be one with us. And that, and Jesus said, I saw Satan fall from Heaven. So he’s talking about this idea that I saw this happen a long time ago, “Before Abraham was, I am.” He’s talking about taking, I’m the Alpha, the Omega, that he transcends time. And, so, this is a real interesting thing because computers, I believe, are gonna be able to, when the com, when we have multiple eyes that can see from multiple perspectives and record everything, and everything gets written down, and multiple layers of, you know, redundancy, the point is, is, is the horse in the field? And how is it in the field? Like, the idea of time starts to disappear because, because it’s understanding of that horse being in the field, even if it’s not anymore, it was and it begins to transcend time. I guess that’s the best way that I can explain it, like, if you see no horse in the field then you see a horse in the field and then you don’t see a horse in the field, which is the truth? Is the horse in the field or not? And, and when you can compress all of that together, you begin to transcend, you begin to transcend time itself from multiple perspectives and by compressing people together. It’s just really exciting. I’m really, it’s hard to explain, but in the same way, it’s hard. If you were to ask, like Ray talks about this, hey, ask a, ask a chimpanzee to wax long on the idea of nuance in poetry. A chimpanzee is, can’t do that because its brain can’t really even understand language. It doesn’t, it doesn’t think in those terms, much less higher levels of abstraction of stuff like nuanced innuendos in poetry. So it can’t even think that and so my point in even bringing that up is this. With the horse in the field idea, it’s hard for our brains to comprehend an existence and a thought process of no tine existence, but that’s where we’re going. And that’s really neat because is the horse in the field or not? And it’s hard for us to even understand that question, but we’re gonna understand it, and we’re gonna start transcending time, and that’s, guys, I’m just telling you, dude, that’s a neat idea. That’s a neat idea because we are so based off of, we are so based off of, division; dividing one thing from here to the other, that our perspective is such a divided perspective. When we lace our brains with computers we are gonna know even as we’re fully known and we’re gonna be able to understand people fully. The Gospel and what God really thinks about how we’re precious and valuable is going to spread. The Kingdom of Heaven spreads like yeast through the whole lump of dough. And, I, I mean, and I look at the Internet and people who are disconnected and they yell and scream at each other, what I mean is, people who don’t know who they are, who are disconnected from the truth about who they really are, that they’re loved and valuable, the neat thing is, what I feel like with technology is man, when, when perfection comes and imperfect disappears, and even if the guys who are making this technology don’t praise God, the neat thing is God’s glory will stand. Who He is will stand. The disconnection from the enemy is going away and the beautiful thing is, guys, God’s gonna win, we’re gonna get connected. He blessed us and He said, have dominion over the earth and that’s what happening. It doesn’t matter if people believe it or not, man, His will is gonna get done. He is, He, He will be faithful to accomplishes His, His purpose. That’s what’s happening; He is faithful to finish the work that He started in us as a body. It’s happening; He is gonna connect, we are gonna connect and we’re gonna connect with Him and we’re gonna know Him and He will know us and we will be connected. You’re loved and valuable. That’s the thought for the day. Y’all take it easy, bye.


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