The age of spiritual machines, Jesus being seen in technology

– The spirit is willing but the flesh is week. My name’s Mark, this is May 6th, with Just got done working out, and I was thinking about the idea of what computers are doing. Ray Kurzweil talking about the age of spiritual machines. These machines and the work that they’re doing, are really, computers are really a spiritual job. It’s a job of recognizing intent. So when we speak, speech to text technology recognizes the intent behind what we’re trying to say. And, as the layers of abstraction get deeper and deep er, of course if you watch any of my videos, you know that I think eventually technology is gonna be able to explain the heart of God to us. But it just really is interesting, the entire, when you zoom out and look at the entire trajectory of where technology is taking us, I just look at the Old Testament, being a very outward expression and it says, I don’t know where it says it in the Bible, but it says first, the flesh and then the spirit. So like we’re born in the flesh, but then we’re reborn in the spirit, and you know like, our flesh grows up, and then our spirit grows up. And the Old Testament was all external law, and now the New Testament is spiritual, internal, the law written on our hearts. And so I see that same pattern with like, the age of industrial, and the age of external, and now we’re entering into the age of the internal, more of a spiritual issue. And I don’t know, I am looking at this pattern, and seeing similar, not even similarities, it’s almost an exact mirroring. First the external, then the internal. And I mean it’s really interesting because, you know Elon Musk and lot of those guys talk about, would it be possible that we’ll completely transcend our bodies, and go, like Ray talks about a full out transcendence and entering into virtual worlds. Boy that may very well be possible. Anyway, I guess one of the most exciting things about, about all of this, is the connection that’s gonna happen when the flesh is taken out of the picture. Right now, the flesh hides a lot of intent of the heart. It’s very doppy, it’s a very slow communicator. It’s hard to transmit a message from my heart to your heart, because we have to go through this voice, through the air, through, thankfully we have the technology bringing this message to you. But it’s just gonna be such a good day, when we can think directly to each other, with that bridging that gap, between having to move our message through the flesh, at like whatever it is, a 56K modem, you know soundbites are so slow. And, it’s interesting because the spirit behind things, is gonna be transmitted so much easier. And the heart behind things. You know, honestly the thing that is so exciting to me, is abortion will go away. When we can feel a fetus getting cut apart, that won’t happen anymore. People won’t stand for it. All sorts of sin issues that are unhealthy for people, are gonna go away. And, I don’t know, I’m excited about it. And perhaps even issues that we think are sin, may not become so important. You know, there’s a guy named Howard Storm, who I just absolutely love, he wrote this book, My Descent Into Death. And where he says he had a near death experience, and he met Jesus, and met people in Heaven. Essentially, he died as an atheist, came back as a Christian. One thing that he said that was so neat, was he said, that God really was a lot less concerned about our sexuality, than we have made it. Even for that matter, it’s really interesting, the perversion in sexuality, because really what you’re talking about is two people coming together and birthing a new thing, which is kind of the pattern of taking two different identities, and putting it together and birthing off a separate thing, which is like a creation pattern. And how, in our world, if you were gonna subscribe to the Christian philosophy or mindset, that has been completely perverted, you know with porn, and all sorts of stuff like that. And you know, it was just a real interesting perspective that he said, He’s just a lot less concerned with that, I think in the flesh probably. More concerned with how we are birthing, he didn’t say this, but I would suspect, that it would mean that God is more concerned with how we’re birthing each other, in the spirit. Like, if I’m gonna identify, if I’m gonna interact with you, and whether the interaction between you and I births something good, or births something negative. And so that’s why I’m always talking about, hey you’re a precious treasure. You know, when I identify myself, I want to identify myself with how God sees me. And then I want to use that measure against you, and I know that measure gets used against me. Total sidetrack, anyway the spirit behind things is what is so exciting. Specifically, that eventually I think technology is, where we’re going, is the spirit is going to be measured better, maybe not in full, because the spirit, He gives the spirit without limit, but our intent behind things, well be less able to be hidden. And the neat thing is, what will stand, more than anything above all else is this. Here’s one of the neatest messages, I haven’t spoke much about this. When you look at crooks, or people who don’t know who they are, and people who are broken, they backbite, they hurt each other, they speak death over each other. That entire message continues to crumble. When someone knows who they are, and they believe, hey I’m made perfect and righteous because the perfection in Christ, and because, something other than me speaks, I’m worthy, and he’s worthy so he speaks it over me, and I’m worthy. That word will stand. So, if I interact with you, and I say, hey you’re blessed, you’re valuable, why? Because Christ says so. That word stands. Where, as if another person comes in interaction with someone else, and they say, oh you stink, you’re horrible, you’re whatever, that entire word crumbles. It crumbles and goes away. So the thing, even the scientists may say, oh God doesn’t exist and God can’t be proven, and it’s so foolish to believe in religion. You know, the funny thing about that, is there’s just no need to get upset about that, because there’s no proof in it. But the proof will be, even though you can’t say that, is that the positive word will stand. And God’s word and love for them, will continue. And hopefully they’ll open their eyes. Hopefully they’ll open their eyes to the truth about who they are. And that is the neatest thing. See, because if, as a Christian if they get, if Christians get all offended with a word that comes out, and says, oh who’s your God? Your God is. Look, bottom line is we just have to subscribe to who we really are. And that word, as it enters into the global brand, the word of the scoffer will be shut down. The word of the scoffer is a bully. It’s a bully, it’s I’m better and you suck. That word, no one tolerates. They hate it. People hate the spirit behind that. God has put it in all of our hearts to like more an encouraging word. That’s a really neat thing, because we can argue all day long about the flesh, right? But the flesh is weak, right? The flesh is weak. See that’s how we bring it all the way back around. The flesh is weak, it crumbles. So we can argue all day long about the science and the details, but all that’s gonna go away. Where we’re heading is to a spiritual place, and that spiritual place, God says the Kingdom of Heaven, will move like yeast through the whole lump of dough. And I see that, as a good word in the brain, neuron to neuron, transmitting, like a lump of dough. Yeast kind of multiplies, it goes through the lump of dough, and I see that same pattern as like, a brain, and firing through and making multiple references through the brain, redundancies if you will, and it just looks like the same pattern to me. So, that word stands, a negative word won’t stand. So anytime you come up to someone, and first off you have to get it in you, first off you have to understand, you’re loved and you’re valuable. Boy, doesn’t every single one of my messages come back to this? Because it’s the only thing that’s important. The only thing that’s important is identity. Identity, identity, identity. It’s the basis for all interactions in logic, when you know what the objects are. And when you know, that with your mouth you proclaim and profess, you’re worthy Jesus, you’re holy Jesus, well the measure you used gets used against you, because he says you’re worthy, and you’re holy in me. And then that word spreads like yeast, and that’s how Jesus loves, it’s gonna multiply in the spirit through computers, and let people know who they were. I wonder, if you got to the end of this message, blessings to you. Okay, that’s it, God bless you, you all take it easy, bye bye.


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