Technology will help us to see God

What’s up guys? Today’s February 12th, 2017. I’ve been listening to Johnny Cash so I’m a little bit emotional, but here’s the thing. If you pay any attention to Ray Kurzweil and the ideas of artificial intelligence and how the layers of these neural networks are getting deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and starting to understand more and more and more and the mathematics behind that, you would understand and be excited because you’d understand that these computers eventually the layers of their reasoning and associations of objects are gonna go really deep, and then they’re gonna surpass us, and then we’re going to figure out how to tie our minds into that, so what that means is, lens flare that’s irritating the daylights out of me. What that means is, what it means, here’s why I’m excited. In 30, 40 years, we’re gonna have an explosion, and an explosion, a spiritual explosion, and what’s so exciting is that what, why I’m most excited is because traditionally Christians have felt as if this day of judgment is coming, but the day of judgment’s already here. It’s here because look at the world. They’re trembling, they’re in fear. They fight one another. One party says, “You’re horrible,” the other party says, “No, you’re horrible,” and they don’t realize that the measure they use gets used against ’em, and one of these days we’re gonna connect and we’re gonna understand hey, we’re all broken in the flesh, but we’re made beautiful in who we are. Each one is unique. Each one is gifted. Each one has got something good to give to the community, okay, and what’s, and Jesus said, “Why don’t you judge,” “You judge my outward appearance.” “Instead, why don’t you judge correctly?” And so, here’s what’s coming. What’s coming, God said, “Go and subdue the earth.” We’re part of the earth, right, and so we’re gonna actually subdue ourselves. We’re gonna build technology that will integrate with our brain in a good way. It’s not a scary thing at all. What’s exciting about it is that in the same way that like, Ray Kurzweil gave a great example, is like, here’s the difference that it’s gonna make. If we would have gone back to cavemen and said, “Hey, what will make your life more awesome?” And they would be like, “Well, you know, maybe,” “maybe if I could gather a little bit more firewood” “or a little easier, or you know,” “maybe if I could hune out a big baton or something” “to beat some animals and kill some animals,” and we’re thinking, “Wait, we’ve got all this technology.” “Wouldn’t you like an app,” “Or wouldn’t you like something?” And they’re like, “A what?” It’s gonna be so, we can’t even understand the things that our minds when we enter into computers and when computers enter into our minds, the creativity, the connectivity, the shame is going away. There’s not gonna be shame, no more tears, no more eyes crying, God’s will done on earth. He prayed, I pray that you will be one, even as my heavenly father and I are one, and I pray that you will be one with us as we are one, and that’s what’s coming. When we are, technology does one thing, what it does is it speeds things up. It makes the work easier. Like right now, I’m able to communicate this message to multiple people, whereas before, if anybody even watches this video, whereas before, you know, you would have to write it down on paper and send a letter, right? Now, this, our words go across, a farmer used to put a seed in the ground, dot dot dot dot dot. Now we’ve got machines and feed millions of people. Technology compresses time, so what’s gonna happen is when these computers enter into our brain and our brains enter into computers, and that melds together, it compresses the time of communication. It breaks down privacy, and what we’re gonna see is that the arguing’s gonna go away because when you know me and I know you, I’ve got one word for you, and that is that you’re loved and valuable, and that word is gonna stand. Jesus’ word is gonna stand. Those who operate by faith and future and hope and life over their brother instead of condemnation, that word stands, because a word of hope stands. A word of condemnation and derailing and deriding our brothers, that’s a false word, because God speaks that we’re loved, we’re valuable, inertly, inherently. We kind of know this. We try to kind of fight for our right, but Christians know, hey, God is the one who actually calls us loved and valuable. Here’s the thing, guys. I was gonna say that I’m not gonna do any technology stuff for a while, but you know, I’m sitting here listening to Johnny Cash and just listening to, oh man, he’s so sentimental and he’s so, he’s just, his songs are so neat because Johnny Cash, man, he had his time, man. He was like a flower in the field, and then it all, it all tapered off, but he still knew God and loved God and he sings about it, and it’s really cool to see his work, and me right now, I put those videos up specifically because I see what’s coming. That’s coming, man. Shame is going away. Shame is going away, and the enemy is gonna lose his grip on us through technology. Shame, secrets, and hurt is going away. The bully is getting chased out. You’re loved and valuable, man. It’s coming 40 years, and we’re gonna be thinking to each other. It’s gonna be a good day. Man, God, but you get all the glory, okay. Jesus Christ is praised. Take care.

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