Technology is chasing out evil two

– What’s up guys? My name is Mark Russell. This is Today is I don’t know, February something or another, February 22nd and I come out and I say it all the time, technology is going to chase out evil and usher in the light of Christ into this world and I think that if we extrapolate that to the furthest potential, it’s going to, at its core, people have a hard time thinking they’re abandon and he said never will I leave you, never I will forsake you and he said I’ll never leave you and technology is going to help us understand that better. I just looked at Ashton Kutcher’s THORN project whereas he’s using technology to catch sexual predators with kids and I think that that’s awesome. I think it’s beautiful. In the same way that a tractor helps us produce more food and beat the curve the time, so in other words it helps us be more efficient in our production of a job which is growing food, technology is helping police balance their caseloads or balance where they’re gonna be most effective in capturing criminals and eventually the technology will be so efficient that not only will eventually we’re not gonna be able to think evil thoughts is the end goal on this. Where Zuckerberg talks about how technology will start integrating with our mind and because Jesus said specifically he said why do you judge by mere appearance, meaning the external, instead why don’t you judge correctly? Specifically he said to the Pharisees, he said why are you trying to kill me and they looked at him and they said we’re not trying to kill you and then the very next thin in that sentence, they went away to start plotting to kill him. Jesus knew the heart behind what they were saying when they were coming against him. It was a murderous heart and technology is getting better and better at measuring sentiment so eventually it will invade our mind and that’s not a bad thing because what it’s gonna do is it’s gonna encourage all of us to think pure thoughts, to think thoughts of what God thinks about us which is God says we’re loved and valuable. God says you’re worth it and any thought to the contrary that says you’re not worth it, what was gonna happen is truth is gonna come in, light is gonna shine and yes it’s gonna make the process of understanding God’s word and his thoughts about us more efficient. We’re gonna understand when we augment our mind, it’s gonna help us to understand his word and his truth and how much he loves us and part of us may rebel and say what are you talking about? We don’t need technology. That’s what the Holy Spirit is for but when you think about it, the Bible itself contains the truth, the spirit of truth that he’s communicated through that Bible, through that word. His thoughts about us. Technology will help us understand that spirit of truth, those words and understand our true worth. Been saying it the whole time, there’s only one logical conclusion to all of this. If you say that technology will usher in evil. No it won’t. God wins. That’s the logical conclusion to it all. God said go and multiply and subdue the earth. It’s a commission on mankind to subdue this earth and he’s going to use us and our technology to accomplish his purpose, his will. He won’t abandon us. As a group, never will I leave you, never will I forsake you. He said pray my, your will Father be done on earth as it is in heaven and that’s what happening. His will is for us to understand clearly that we’re loved and that we’re valuable and he’s using guys like Ashton Kutcher so that and the left or the liberal or the Democrat or whatever might, not Democrat. I don’t mean to use that. The non-Christian is best to say, I apologize. I don’t want to judge people and their political beliefs even though I think that all of the political spectrum, I take that back ’cause that was a misconnection there. The non-Christian might shake their fist and say what are you talking about? How can you say that God’s using technology? You know what? Here’s the deal. They just don’t know who they are yet. They haven’t understood and come to believe who, as non-Christians, how valuable they are yet. But the beautiful thing is? Tech will help show them. Once again I take that Democrat and liberal comment, I rescind that because that was a misconnection in my mind because everyone is loved and valuable. Some people just haven’t seen it yet but technology’s gonna show them. You guys are loved and valuable. That’s the word of the day. All right, God bless you, take care, bye bye.

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