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– What’s up guys this is Mark with thesingularity.com coming to you, today is January 14th, I thought I was going to do one everyday, but pop that New Years resolution hit the skids at about January 5th. But it’s a nice day, oops, there’s Christian turning the starter on the skid steer the wrong way. While he’s trying to turn it off. So today here is the thought. Identity, identity, have you ever thought about God taking His name in vain? He said I am that I am and when the devil came to tempt Jesus it was if You are the Son of God, if You are, if You are. And you know when people strive in this world, they strive to prove themselves, right? And so with computers, I feel like some people don’t always think about the idea but when computers fully understand the Bible, they’re going to be able to understand the idea that God makes us new creations. So they’ll be able to, this sounds weird, but calculate like if we can renew our minds, why couldn’t a computer be able to include the idea of faith and the thoughts of God inside it? So if it could, then when it identified us, what if it could identify us with hope and a future? So that’s really neat because you know at the end of the day my actions in this world definitely testify to non-valuable right, because the flesh is terminal. You know the flesh has definite, it’s ending. But God says I give you a hope and a future, you’re a new creation, you are in the Spirit, non-corrupted. And so the thought here is what if when computers get sufficient and see here’s the thing I’m telling you the more I think about this idea… Oh hammocks bumping, check this out. I created my hammock to I like started a rope off the top of that tree and then I strung it between a two by four so that’s why my hammock spins and rocks at the same time. So anyway, it’s just the idea that look if God says to renew our minds, and we can renew our minds so that we think in terms of faith, so that we think what He says, we are new creations. But wait my flesh says I do bad or I do good and it’s obvious that we are made new in Him in the future, not in the past, not in the present, but in the future. That’s our hope, who hopes for something that they don’t have and so He calls us loved and valuable maybe in the present, maybe I can’t step past that, but for sure not in the past, we can’t look to the past. So Jesus said, and here’s the clincher, okay, there they are out in the desert, or here they are in the inner room, do not go with them. He said many will come saying I am the Christ, now have you ever thought about this? When Jesus says many will come saying I am the Christ, He’s not saying that they’re going to say that they are the Christ, He’s saying that they’re going to say that He is the Christ and then they’re going to say there He is out in the desert, here He is in the inner room. But do you see what that does? It delineates desert from here or delineates and separates inner room from here. The point is He is all and He is in all and there is no delineation because to say He’s at one place or the other is like kind of an outward appearance and that’s the flesh. Because He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever. And the idea of there He is, is this idea of time and space. Time and space and so the problem with trying to identify oh Jesus is with the baptists, or the Savior is with this sect or that sect, no, no that’s the problem. And even when you think about this, let your yes be yes and your no be no because all else is from the evil one. So when we conclude when we swear, Jesus’s own brother said do not swear, above all else. And to swear is to operate by our own authority and say it is, I swear, I conclude the argument. No mix it with faith, let that doubt mix with faith continually so that we’re never concluding the argument why? Because if we conclude then it’s past and that’s a bad place to be ’cause God is always moving, He’s always got something new okay. Not to swear, let your yes be yes, say I believe, I believe yes, but I can’t prove. Can I prove that I’m a precious treasure? No but I believe it and I believe that you are too. Okay and one last thing, oh, I was going to mention the I Am, His name. See when we take His name in vain is to swear. So like if we say I swear this is, we’re really referencing by the authority vested in us. When we say this is, something like if I say that is a tree, you know what, that is no more a tree that anything in 10,000 years. So how can I say that’s a tree? How do I say this is a hammock? This is nothing but dust and then maybe some of the dust becomes a star so how can I swear to anything. I believe it’s a hammock, I believe that’s my shed, but I won’t swear. But I will believe is that you’re valuable, you’re loved, and He makes you new and I think computers are going to get this point. They’re going to get faith in the future and they’ll be able to calculate because when you really break it down, the problem with all of the arguments is they use God’s name in vain in the sense that they say I am, I have the authority vested in me to declare the identity of something else, somewhere and I conclude they’re a jerk, or that guy’s awesome. No God says we’re all loved and valuable, we’re equal because of His glory. You are loved and valuable, precious treasure, that’s what I’m going to believe for you in your future because Jesus Christ died on the cross for you and He loves you. This is Mark Russell with The Singularity signing off. God bless you guys, bye.

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