Revelation 13 the Beast, A New Perspective


– If I were to guess what the Beast and the currency is, it wouldn’t be as everybody guesses. My name’s Mark, this is, 2018, January 5th. It wouldn’t be the traditional Darbism. So, traditional Darbist rapture theology says that there’s gonna be a big leader that arises and that it’s a one world government, and you’re not gonna have a choice, and if you’re gonna be able to buy or sell, you’re gonna have to subscribe to his monetary system. And so they’re always looking out for the credit cards, the social security numbers, now it’s the Bitcoins, da-da-da-da-da it goes on and on, and on. But it doesn’t make sense because there’s a few reasons. Number one, God is about revealing himself to his kids in a way that they can understand, and there’s a bunch of confusion and chaos in that. Like, I can never imagine a time where all the church looks at one type of coin and says, aha that’s it! That’s the Beast, that’s the coin. That’s not gonna happen. Heck, we can hardly agree on all sorts of things. We’re never gonna come to a point where we can identify it and if we could, it would kind of violate the idea of if any man is gonna come to God he must first of all believe, right? So, the whole idea, and premise, and thought process foundation that this is built off of, is one that says we are capable of judging what it is, and that’s a lie. I think we can only ever believe something, right? But don’t go beyond yes, anything past that is of the enemy. So let’s approach the whole idea of the Beast, the mark of the Beast, and this one world currency in another way. Let’s take time out of the equation because all of the Darbism and rapture philosophy, theology, has it going dot-dot-dot-dot-dot bump! It’s not in existence now, dot-dot-dot-dot-dot, bump, he sets it up and then from there on out, it’s set up. ‘Kay so it’s a very linear progression of time. Jesus said, I’m the same yesterday, today, and forever. So there’s a spiritual aspect to Jesus that says, a day is like 1,000 years, 1,000 years is like a day. So what if we looked at this idea of Revelation 13 in a completely new way? What if, and I’m just gonna throw it out here, what if the Beast, what if we’re born into the bondage? Right, Christians could agree, yeah, we’re kinda born into the bondage, right? We’re born into this world but then we get set free. We’re moved from darkness to light, okay? It says that when we get saved we’re moved from darkness to light. And then it says, hey, that anybody who’s, you could not buy or sell, save that you have the mark. So what if, when you get saved… Here let me just back up a couple things. There’s an idea of earning your bread, right? If a man doesn’t work, he doesn’t eat, right? So you could say that on a physical level, if you don’t go out and work, you’re not gonna eat and feed your physical body. But what about a spiritual level right? So the physical, you get born as a little baby, you go out and work, you grow up, you get strong, you go and work, you get bread, and you grow, right? When you’re born again, you’re a little baby, you get spiritual milk, and but you have to work for it right? You don’t just automatically, there’s no like free pass. You have to work, it says exercise in Hebrews chapter 12, no discipline seems pleasant at the time but painful. So it’s hard to believe, and believe that you’re good, you’re wonderful because of what he said. Not good, it’s a wrong word, you’re beautiful because of what he says, but when we work that out, this is the bread of life that feeds us. So the point is, the world has a system of glory, and exchange of value. It says, store for yourselves not treasures on Earth, where moth and rust destroy and thieves break in and steal, but it said store for yourself treasures in heaven. Where moth and rust don’t destroy, the thieves don’t break in and steal, so the point is, guys what if this mark, if you notice, the mark of the Beast was on their hand and their forehead, the mark of God is just on their forehead, right? So you cannot, so it’s a system of belief that makes you in this world belief, or a system of works in this world, that the world will give you glory. You do or think like they say and you’ll get glory from them, they’ll pay you, right? They’ll give you glory, they’ll build you up. You perform in this world and you get the accolades of this world, but in the spirit, it’s only what you believe, and that’s based off God. So the point is, is we’re running parallel right now. If any man is in Christ he’s a new creation. Behold, and it says behold, look at, observe, focus on, all things are made new. Old things have passed away, all things are made new, so it’s telling you, look at the things that are made new. So I see too many Christians who are fearful about this one world government idea, and about this new currency that’s coming out, and I don’t think that’s the case guys. The fact of the matter is, the world’s payment system, whether it’s Bitcoin, Altcoin, credit card, social security numbers, it all boils down to the same principle. You have to externally perform something for them to give you glory, okay? You cannot buy and sell in that marketplace, unless you do it according to their rules. But we are strangers in a strange land and we don’t enter into those, we’re made somewhere else. Behold all things are made new. So the point is, I don’t think there’s ever gonna be a time, when it’s like, aha, it’s the Bitcoin, or aha, it’s the social security number, it’s already here. Okay, that’s what I said, and there’s already many spirits of antichrist here, right? So the point is, this idea of, oh it’s coming, oh it’s coming, the one world, that’s putting off your victory. That mentality continually puts off you having to be victorious right now, because Jesus is the same. So you need to walk in that, you need to accept who you really are, as loved and valuable, and forget all of this linear progression that we’ll never come to terms with anyway. And just understand who you are. Walk in the victory, understand that God’s made you new, and understand there’s not gonna be this big uprising, instead it’s the exact opposite. It’s happening yes, but the way it’s happening is different than Darby predicted. The way it’s happening is it’s us understanding that it’s already done, and just simply, humbly accepting the truth implanted in you, which can save you. See, that whole process has already happened, but you have to enter in to the rest. And so that’s the whole thing. This whole Darbism thing with coins and all that stuff, you cannot transact in this world. In that, as a Christian, you can’t unless you take that mark, unless you go to perform, okay? But if you’re gonna be a stranger in a strange land, a sojourner, then behold, you’re somewhere else. Don’t go perform for them, because it’s not who you really are. See, that entire way of explaining Revelations 13, that makes sense because that way we can take part, we can go to the store and use a credit card, and not feel guilty, because it’s not what makes us. That’s the word for today, you guys are loved and valuable. Y’all take it easy, buh-bye.


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