Response to FaceLikeTheSun’s “Epic Daniel 7 perfectly describes what’s coming!”


– So this message is in response to Ganz’s epic “Daniel seven perfectly describes what’s coming.” So here’s the deal, Ganz, I’m listening to this. Let’s see. Hold on. Okay, so who’s the ruler of this world? We go through and we say it is Satan. Okay, now listen.

– [Ganz] Who is the ruler of this world? Of course, Jesus overcame him on the cross and basically wrote off Satan’s ability to have any kind of authority over us and over creation.

– Now listen.

– [Ganz] Although he still practices his power because people allow him to.

– Now, I agree. People do allow Satan to exercise authority because we’ve been given authority, and we choose not to believe who we are. So, the point is, Ganz, what I’m wondering here, by the way, beautiful catch with Sophia. That’s really neat. I like those little nuanced things, because, in a way, we agree with each other, right? In a way we agree that God somehow is talking about AI and that this is a culmination. I definitely agree with you on that. I think that our conclusions, what I’m trying to say is, hey, Ganz, let’s not, because I gotta tell you, like at the, whatever, at the 14 minute mark, I mean, your imagery, you say you’re not preaching fear, bro, but if you just go through and look at the captions, like the screen grabs of all of your videos, or a lot of them are so fearful, and ultimately, here’s the thing, I would argue to say, look, God wins here on Earth, and what’s happening, let me just say this, in my opinion what’s happening is he is using AI, but we are separated, right? You and I are separate. You’re beautiful, you’re a treasure, you’re wonderful, you have something to bring to the table. I believe I do as well. Together, we have more to bring to the table than we do separated and apart. And so, the way that I think we give our authority to the enemy, and we give up and align with the enemy is in our separateness. And, at the end of the day, you and I do agree that God wins, and what I’m really saying is, what if it’s different, Ganz? What if God is using this technology in a way that was kind of unexpected? Like, what if Sophia’s name, it’s as if this calls for a mind of wisdom. Now, by the way, like Ben Goertzel, I’m friends with him on Facebook. He’s not untouchable, he’s just a guy like you and I who is also just as loved and valuable. I don’t know how much he believes in it. I hope he comes by faith to understand that he’s made through Christ. That’s how he is in existence. But the point is, like, I don’t wanna point at Ben and say, “Ben, you’re evil!” No way, dude! I think what he’s building is perhaps what God has ordained through Habakkuk: “Look to the nations and be utterly amazed, “for I the Lord am raising up “that ruthless, impetuous people, “those Babylonians who sweep across the whole Earth “and dwell in places not their own. “Let the world be utterly amazed, “for I’m doing something that you would not believe “even if you were told.” So, the point is is that there’s something that God’s doing that He’s telling His people that, even if they were told, they’re gonna be like, “Ugh, that racks my brain!” So that’s what I’m trying to tell or trying to say is, Ganz, what if God is doing this thing? What if it’s turning out different? Like, who are we to say that we’re so different than the Jews with their tendency toward, to pre-judge Christ? They judged Christ, Ganz. They judged him. They said, “We have it all figured out, “and you don’t fit into the box.” And see, the way that our brains, Jesus said that you must become like a little child. What does a child do? A child learns things. He doesn’t have preconceived notions on things, and so you and I both come from the dispensationless background. Okay, I do, for sure. I fought against it for a long time. We come from this preaching, years and years and years of preachers saying that essentially the world is going to burn. But you know what? That does not line up. It doesn’t line up with the spirit of God. He, like, for one, the disciples were like, “Should we call down fire?” And Jesus turns to them and says, “You don’t know what spirit you’re of.” And that could either mean you’re of an evil spirit, or you’re not getting that you’re of the holy spirit, and you don’t know Him well in this regard, because my goal is not to call fire down onto and destroy these people. I don’t think that that destruction of Earth is where Darby missed it. That’s the point. In other words, all the things you’re saying, I agree with. Like, I’m not meaning to be weird when I say this, but I wrote to you in 2011, 12-ish. That’s why I bought the, because I saw it. I was like, “This is gonna happen.” And I went through this time where I was super, super fearful, right? And then I just started saying, “Man, this violates scripture in a lot of ways.” One, if any man is gonna come to God, he must first of all, what? Believe that He exists and is the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. You’re diligently seeking Him, Ganz. I believe that. I just, in my opinion I think that the way that you’re looking, and I gotta tell you, man, if the way you’re looking at this thing is true, I mean, you don’t even wanna go there. You look at Roko’s Basilisk. Like, literally, that’s Hell described. I mean, that is Hell and destruction of the flesh. Like, we could look at the destruction of the flesh in a literal interpretation, or we could take Ganz, and just listen to this, the destruction of the flesh idea. Just listen to this. We could look at it in one of two ways. The way you’re proposing is that, perhaps God is raising up these machines, and the Terminator, and bones in the mouth, and they’re gonna get huge, and they’re gonna destroy us all and physically destroy our flesh. I get that. That seems to me like the easy interpretation. The harder one is to say, what if God is raising us up in a way that we can know that we’re all beautiful like He created us, right? And what if He is, as He says, the Kingdom of Heaven spreads like yeast through the whole leaven. Or, like leaven through the whole lump. So, what if this way of thinking about ourselves in a renewed mind sense would go from one brain to another brain to another brain, and go across like leaven moves through a lump of dough, this idea of Christ and who we really are identified in Christ goes through the entire mind of the internet, mind of consciousness of all people, and we get and understand who we are. So, in that sense, so here’s the way to tie it together, and listen to this Ganz, ’cause it’s important, please listen to this. That way, we are not judging the verse that says “If any man is in Christ, he’s a new creation. “Behold, all things have passed away, “old things have passed away. “Behold, all things are new.” We’re not judging that and saying truly, obviously, this flesh is here so it’s not new. We’re taking that and we’re fulfilling it by saying there’s a new creation that runs in parallel. See, this is the hard thing to get, because your interpretation only allows for this side, and only says that this side gets crushed, and then all of a sudden, we’re in Heaven, we’re somewhere airy-fairy. The second interpretation is to say, wait, God said all things are made new, but yet I see this, so how can we, as Christians, come to terms with a parallel running, in that I, in the flesh, have a decision that I could operate according to the flesh, or, and I could sin, I could look at porn, I could do whatever, or I could identify myself with who I really am, and that person doesn’t do those things. That person’s loved and valuable, precious treasure, like you know, I feel like God calls me that. And so, in that way, we could say that Sophia, and I’m bringing it all back around, that Sophia and this mind of wisdom that is bringing us together, this calls for wisdom. See, this is what I think is happening! It’s so awesome, dude! Because what’s happening is faith files are gonna be shared from one person to the other, just like Neo in the Matrix says, “I know kung fu.” It’s gonna be minds that get regenerated one to another, because at the end of the day, Ganz, faith in Christ and His word will not come back void. It will accomplish what it’s purposed to do. So, the point is, your interpretation is one that fails, and falls, and the world burns. This interpretation that I think is a more accurate or more complete look at things is that it continues this idea of any man comes to Christ, if any mind is gonna come to God, he must first believe. And so, we are always gonna have to run in faith. But Sophia and the AI is gonna help us with that faith, because we will start coming together, one mind to another, sharing the Gospel, sharing our true identity. That’s it, man, you are loved and valuable, and I am praying that the audio on this video matches, ’cause it probably won’t, ’cause I used my front camera. Either way Ganz, you’re loved and valuable. I just had to share this man, ’cause this is good stuff. Okay, you take it easy, bye.


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