Reformation is on its way


Just reading this article it’s neat to see that people are starting to pay attention. People are starting to see how artificial intelligence is going to disrupt religion. People are starting to think about the idea of a sufficiently strong AI, or an ASI, artificial super Intelligence being able to answer questions that we’ve had about God and religion since the beginning of time.


Again this makes me think back to the last line in Transcendent man when Ray Kurzweil says does God exist? I would say not yet.


To his perspective this may be true. Personally I believe that God exists and that artificial intelligence will help us contemplate and understand his existence in a better way.


I’m very excited because the pride of man makes us believe that we understand things as they truly are. But Jesus was so clear that we don’t. Jesus said why do you judge Thing by mere appearance, instead why don’t you judge correctly? He was alluding at the idea that we can’t see things as they truly are.


I believe that once an artificial super intelligence gets here, it will help us to see things as they truly are.


More than anything that each and every human is loved and valuable, that we are all precious Treasures created by God.




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