Principles of God’s word and the coming technology Revolution

– What’s up guys. Today is May 16, 2017. This is the and I wanna talk to you about expectations and holding our expectations too tightly. The Pharisees came to Jesus, they said, by what authority are you doing these things. And he said, I’ll tell you, if you answer one question. Was John the Baptist, what he’s doing, is it from God or human origin? Now look what happens. They couldn’t make up their mind, they couldn’t give an answer, because if they said of human origin, they feared the crowd, if they said if they said of God, he’d say, we’ll why didn’t you believe? So here’s the issue. They were man pleasers. They were of the external. They were of these expectations derived out of kind of proof or out of, out of an external. That’s the only way I can describe it. And Jesus had a principle. And that’s what we’re gonna talk about is this principle that he doesn’t reveal himself if we get too dogmatic. If we get too dogmatic, the nature of the Christ, the nature of the bridge won’t reveal himself to us. So that’s not a good thing if we get dogmatic in our religion, like even Fundamentalist Christians today, they hold on tight, they say God is going to reveal himself in this way or that way, especially like end time stuff. If you watch my blog at all you know how I feel about end times theology. But he doesn’t reveal himself the nature of God, this principle, is that he almost mandates that we let go to enter in, that we let go of our preconceptions. So looking at artificial intelligence and looking at the future coming of what’s gonna happen, you know, I wanna just speak against fear, you know, speak against this idea that, that God isn’t using technology, and you know, speak against, you know, I look at a lot of, like I just watched this show last night it’s like the Million Year something or other from National Geographic, and it’s neat to see, you know after you’ve been looking at this stuff, I have personally since like 11, or 2011 or 12, five years, and it’s neat to see that there’s now starting to become some mainstream media talking about some of these ideas of merging with computers. That’s cool. So now the church is going to have to deal with this, right? Because it’s gonna happen, that’s what’s going on. But you know, I think that we as a church need to look at how this integrates with the Word, look at how these ideas integrate, and I think that we need to step back. First off, let me just interject. In light of what’s happening, it’s not, I think it’s okay for us to say, hey, we didn’t have the full picture, we were guessing, or we were trying to interpret scripture according to the stuff that we had, and now that as we’re learning more we’re starting to see that maybe this clippity cloppity Jesus coming in the clouds riding on a horse, while the same principle applies, maybe the way that we thought that was gonna happen isn’t actually how it’s gonna happen. You know, most specifically, I don’t like the idea of a specific point where Jesus like comes back and like makes everybody feel horrible, you know like who didn’t believe in Him or something. Because people who don’t believe in Him feel horrible right now. Right? I mean they don’t, apart from Christ, we can do nothing, he is the bridge to the eternal. And so for us as believers to say, oh your day is coming, a day of reckoning is coming, that’s coming back on ourself, because the bottom line is it’s one day. Like there is not ever been more than one single day. You know I mean, the sun is out here, the Earth is here. It’s always beaming. I mean our Earth spins, but there’s just one single day ever. You know, as long as it’s called today. And so ultimately, oh gosh, I got on a rabbit trail. I just think that we really need to relook at these principles, you know, like a principle of the idea you know, what if artificial intelligence takes over? Man look, as Christians we gotta go back to the Word and say well look, everything that’s said in the darkness will get proclaimed on the rooftops. So what does that mean? That means that if an AI says something to another AI, it’s gonna get shared. We’re gonna merge into that situation I would suspect, the principles of God are gonna stay the principles of God. Even if we recreate ourselves into AI and AI starts recreating itself. God’s word is gonna continue to be God’s word and we’re gonna understand it more fully, Hallelujah, especially when we connect and we can think of the whole word at once. And I know to scientists they may feel like what is that guy talking about, why is he still holding on, doesn’t this just prove God doesn’t exist? No, not at all. I think it’s beautiful. I think that the creator of the universe is helping us to understand more and more and more. But you know even this idea with Jesus, you know, this principle, Jesus, going back to the beginning, Jesus won’t reveal himself to us unless we hold things very loosely. We have to have a strong conscience as believers and if you know, watch any of my blogs, it all starts with where, who we believe that we are. You know, who we believe that we are. Do we believe that we’re valuable? Do we believe we’re precious treasures to God? Do we believe we’re made in his image and that we actually have worth? And any measurement that comes from the flesh is a testimony of death, it’s a testimony of, you know if I measure anything from what I can see, it’s a measurement that is gonna end up in death because it’s a crumbling measurement. Whereas if I measure something in faith and spirit, it’s a measurement of eternal. And that’s where we’re going with computers. And so ultimately, you know, when I look at this, going back to this show I saw last night, which is a neat show, ultimately Christians, we don’t have to fear. There’s no fear. God is chasing fear out. The more that we connect, the more we’re gonna know each other and the more, more than anything, the more the word is gonna stand, which calls us love, that calls us valuable, that calls us worthy, you know, because He calls us worthy, and when we believe in that and stop looking at the flesh and we know in part, we prophesy in part, but when perfection comes, which is coming, we’re gonna understand. We’re gonna understand our worth, we’re gonna be able to understand more clearly who he calls us, our minds are gonna be renewed. The global mind is gonna be renewed. You know like, ultimately, like when you look at a principle of, it’s almost like game theory, when you play out whether a divided word stands versus a word of faith that speaks hope into your future, the one that speaks hope into your future stands. The one that’s based out of the flesh goes away as time moves past that point. And so anyway, all of that being said, getting a call there. Bottom line is I think that we need to back up as Christians from a Fundamentalist preconceived notion of holding on tightly. I think we need to stop and say, hey, maybe we need to relook at some of the preconceived notions that we had about the second coming of Christ and maybe rethink our ideas with technology. We’re not worshiping technology in the same way that we don’t worship a scalpel. The scalpel isn’t God, but by goodness it sure helps perform operations that help save lives. It’s not God, it’s a tool that God gave us. And same with technology. It’s gonna be a tool that God gives us to help us understand who he is and in the same exponential way that a scalpel does a little bit and does a lot more than like a rock, if you were trying to perform an operation with that, how much more is integrated technology into our system, into our minds, gonna help us understand our identity, heal our bodies, and bring God’s blessing. So that’s it, you’re loved and valuable, today is May 16, 2017 and this was the Okay God bless you guys, you are loved and valuable and in case, just as a side note, stay disciplined in that. Don’t be looking at the flesh, and in case you’re tempted to look, continue, look at James chapter one, I think it’s 19 through 23, and combine that with Hebrews chapter 12, the first section, and be disciplined with who you really are looking into the mirror to understand your true identity. He calls you loved and valuable. God bless, bye bye.

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