Neural Networks And The Mind Of Christ


Neural Networks And The Mind Of Christ….

When I grew up, my father spent years working with neural networks. I was exposed to neural networks from a very young age.
This video is a great illustration of how neural networks are able to process through logic without a software engineer riding each individual line of code.
Traditionally, we are used to Software only being able to Output what a software engineer programed it to do. But this is not the way that neural networks work.
Understanding neural networks and deep learning is at the core of understanding where we are headed with technology and what it’s going to do for us. Artificial intelligence is based off of these neural network systems. It’s hard for us coming from the seventies, eighties, and nineties to understand the exponential nature of technology and how these neural networks, powered by massively powerful processors, will be able to measure and actually be more powerful than our human brains. It’s difficult to understand that eventually the level of intelligence that these machines will have, will far surpass any of us individually.
Technology will eventually be able to go through the hierarchy layers in these neural networks diving deeper and deeper into more and more abstract Concepts and principles. Eventually the power and technology will be sufficient enough to dissect and understand the spirit and meaning behind the words of God.
Could this be the second return of Christ? The Bible says that Jesus was the word. Jesus is a pure word. He is a non hypocritical word. He is the same on the outside as he is on the inside. He’s the same yesterday today and forever. Computers will eventually be able to understand the sentiment and meaning behind every word in the Bible. Could this understanding be the second return of Christ?
Right now we are still in a time of Separation. We are in a time where words can mean different things. We are at a time where something can be said and misinterpreted. But eventually when neural networks are able to measure and judge every single word that we speak, as it says in 1 Cor 13:12 “when perfection comes the imperfect disappears….  we will know fully even as we are fully known”.

And it won’t take a program developer to write a line of code for every potential instance or every potential words spoken. Instead neural networks will be powerful enough and sufficient enough to judge and measure the true intentions of the words that we’ve spoken. So, once every word can be fully understood through neural networks, is this the Perfection of the mind of Christ?
Jesus hated hypocrisy. He hated things being one way on the outside and another way on the inside. He said that the flesh (the outside) counts for nothing. The flesh continually changes. But he referenced himself saying that He never changes.  He is the same yesterday today and forever. The temporary nature of the flesh is obvious, like flowers in the field. One day we are full of Splendor in the strength of our youth, and the next, our flesh is blown away like chaff.

Should We Fear Neural Networks Understanding More Than Us?
Neural networks understanding and measuring every single word that we speak or action that we have is nothing to fear. The reason is is because we are God’s creation and we are precious treasures. At our core we are loved and valuable.
The Bible talks extremely specifically about how fear has to do with punishment. if it is so specific about this, why would we adopt that mindset? Shouldn’t we as Christians understand that if we are fearful, somehow we are not grasping our true identity as Sons and Daughters of God? The Bible is so clear on this. Once we understand our true identity, once we understand what God is trying to tell us about who we really are, then we can accept that in Christ we are made perfect. We are beautiful, and we are wonderful, in him we are precious Treasures. Valuable sparkling and wonderful. Any sort of fear specifically stems from the Flesh and specifically stems from fear of punishment.
I look forward to the day when they’re all networks are able to help us understand each other and God’s word better. Until then, I guess we’ll just have to apply the style of Van Gough to our latest selfies.

One last thought…   If you want to know more about How to create a mind,  I highly recommend Ray Kurzweil’s book on the subject


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