Matthew 24, a different look at the second coming of Christ through technology

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I wanna talk to you about an alternative way of looking at end times, specifically using technology and thinking about technology with a spiritual return of Christ rather than a physical return of Christ.

We’re gonna look at Matthew 24. Overarching, I personally believe that there will never be a time when Jesus comes back physically and revels himself to unbelievers because I feel like that would violate the verse that says, “If anyone is going to come to God, he must first of all believe that He exists and that He’s a rewarder of those who diligently seek him.”

So if Jesus came back and revealed himself to unbelievers, it would be sorta like a “proving” and that we come to God by faith. And in fact it says, “Anything that’s not of faith is sin.” So how could God reveal himself to someone who doesn’t believe. Which it… It’s like a fractal, the deeper you get in the more it kinda zooms in, Mandelbrot zoom. So anyway, I just wanna go through… In other words you see the same pattern. Like when you start getting in how could Jesus reveal himself to someone who didn’t believe? And then you’d say, “Oh well, he would reveal himself “then they would believe.” But then you’d say, “No, that would be proving “and then it wouldn’t be fate.” So it goes round and around. The point is, I personally believe that when we merge our brains with computers we’re gonna understand the Bible in its completeness. Understand truth in faith and in our identities as worthwhile in entities as precious and valuable creations of God. This world is a precious, valuable creation of God. It’s not wasted, it’s what he wanted. Sin entered it, we went apart from faith. We questioned and doubted him and that doubt, that disbelief, that accusation against God is going to come around. He’s going to be proved righteous. He’s gonna be proved worth it and therefore we’re gonna see that this word that he continuously bestows on us which is we are righteous in him. We are worth it in him. As we merge with computers, and I know that sounds crazy, but we’re gonna understand. Our neocortex is gonna be exponentially blown up passed this little finite cavity in our skull and we’re gonna be able to understand a Bible in completeness. We know a part, we prophesy a part but I believe perfection with algorithms is gonna come because God said that we are commissioned to go there for and subdue the Earth, right? That is a commission from God to us to go and subdue it. We are part of the Earth, we will subdue ourselves with the measurements, and we will locked down the evil that is happening through measurement. We will expose the enemy, the enemy will go out and what will be left standing is you as you really are which isn’t a thief, which isn’t a liar, which isn’t disgusting, which isn’t vile. You are a valuable, you are loved, you are precious. This is who you really are, that’s who God created you to be. And as technology understands faith and the word, and we merge with technology that’s what we’re gonna understand. So let’s look at Matthew, chapter 24 in light of that. In light of the idea that the data, the flood of data, the spiritual because remember the Bible always said, “First the physically, then the spiritual.” Right, it said it. It’s old testament physical, then new testament spiritual. Okay so old testament flood, new testament flood of spirituality, words. That’s what’s happening. That’s what’s happening right now and Jesus getting revealed right now through computers and the… I’m saying right now through computers, although it will happen in 50 to 70 years. I won’t even be talking, I’ll just be thinking to you how awesome you are and backing it up with the whole entire Bible scripture and blessing you through thought. Okay, so I’m just talking about how Jesus is coming through computers in the future. So, an alternative way of looking at end times. Talking about Matthew 24 verse one through two. Disciples are saying, “Hey Jesus look at these big stones.” And he says, “Truly I tell you not one stone “will be left on another.” So he’s saying overarching don’t put your stock up in the flesh. Don’t believe the flesh. Okay, so then they go to Mount of Olives and they’re like they don’t believe him. They weren’t satisfied so they say, “Tell us what’s gonna be the sign.” And he says… He’s saying that there will be… Let’s see, he is saying there will be Christians but they will attain to the flesh be careful. Oh yeah, he says watch out that no on deceives you for many will come in my name saying I am the Messiah and will deceive many. What he’s saying here is look there are gonna be Christians who say Oh we are the this set of Christians, Jesus is over here but he’s not over there. And then another person, we’re this set of Christians and Jesus is over here and he’s not over there. And he’s saying don’ do that. All things are held together in me. And it messes with us because we’re like what do you mean all things are held together. And when you think about it Paul did say that nothing done outside the body if it’s done according to clean conscious is sin. So like the Jews we’re all like Hey don’t eat this and God was like don’t call anything unclean that I’ve made clean. So in other words you can eat pork if you wanna eat pork if it doesn’t violate your conscious. So are you telling me that you know like porn, Jesus holds the light or Jesus is holding together the set of a porn studio? Kind of, yes. Because he holds all things together and that’s weird to think about that he holds it all together, the good and the bad. He is the redeemer, he is the bridge, he holds it all together, gravity itself. He is the bridge between mankind and God and it’s not our place to say he is at one place or another. Let’s continue. “You will hear wards of rumors “of whether it was but don’t be alarmed “these things must happen, “it’s the beginning of birth pains.” What kind of pains, what’s getting birthed? In my opinion perhaps we’re talking about a spiritual birth, a coming of Christ to this Earth, spiritually second coming where Christ manifest itself in the global brain. We’re gonna plug our brains into the internet, it’s gonna plug into us, we’re gonna plug into each other and the truth of Christ is going to be revealed. That’s what I think is getting birthed through technology. Okay so now it says, “Then you will be handed over “to be put to death.” I just wanna say, listen let’s be real careful with these words then and before. Because if Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever we need to be careful with then, before, after, these are all references in time. The whole point is if we scope out past time and look that he’s the beginning and the end and he never changes, we can look at this without that term then and you need to do that because technology itself is compressing time. No longer does it take as long to grow food for millions because we have machines that grow food for millions. And now I am sitting in Georgia speaking this word and this word is transcending time through computers to you instantly. It doesn’t take time to write down and mail something to you. Time is getting compressed. Once we think to each other, the word of God and the Kingdom is gonna spread like leaven through the whole lump, that’s what it says so. It says, “You will be handed over “to be persecuted and put to death “and hated by all nations because of me.” Who is this? In verse 10 he says, “At that time “many will turn from the faith.” Faith, people who are believing that they’re valuable apart from what they see. Cause God says that you’re worth it apart from what you do. You can’t prove it. He said, “Why do you judge by mere appearances, “instead why don’t you judge correctly?” Which is meaning God says you’re valuable and loved, why don’t you judge by that? Why aren’t you attaining your identity as valuable by that instead of by appearance of what you do, what you perform. These are the people of faith that will be handed over. And here’s the encouragement, don’t get scared because if you get scared you’re saying kind of Jesus got defeated but guess what… Never will he leave you, never will he forsake you, you’re not abandoned ever. He never leaves you so rejoice because he doesn’t lose. See, those who don’t believe it’s okay because they just haven’t had their eyes opened to who they really are in Christ, in God. Hopefully they’ll see it, I don’t know what happens if they die. I hope and pray that when they die they’ll still have the opportunity to proclaim Jesus. So it goes on down, “there will be great…” In verse 21, “There will be great distress “unequal from the beginning of the time and never to be equaled again.” Talks about praying, that your flight won’t take place during the Sabbath. I’m just gonna comment on all of that to say that I believe that if Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever, that this judgment time was then, is now, and will be until he’s birthed spiritually. So really what he’s talking about… It talks about in Revelations that they cried out “Fall on us,” because they we’re in trembling. I just have to say right now who’s out there screaming about fear? Who is fearful? Whoever’s fearful is fearful because they feel like they’ve been abandoned. God says that he doesn’t abandon us. How do we know that? We don’t know by parable we know by belief. So if someone is scared, that’s what they’re experiencing right now is all of this up to verse 21. And what I believe is that that evil right now through computers is getting measured and is getting chased out of the Earth. Let’s move forward, verse 22. “If those days had not been cut short, “no one would survive but for the sake of the elect “those days were shortened.” Who is the elect? The elect is you in your true nature. Who you really are which is love and valuable. Me by faith, you by faith to believe. Those days, this days in the flesh is cut short. Why, because we have to come to a place through physical death to realize hey God was right and this is awesome. And in my opinion as we’re praying down God’s will… He said “Pray your will be done on Earth “as it is Heaven,” and what’s happening is evil is getting judged out of this world through measurements and we are gonna understand that we’re valuable, and this flesh, these days in this flesh, our own flesh, you this is including you and me, is getting cut short. So he’s talking about life in the flesh versus life in the spirit, okay. So let’s keep on going now that we’re seeing this whole tirade with him it’s talking about look it’s a difference between one single person having flesh and that same person being born again in the spirit or if you take that same pattern, the world having flesh or the world in a mind of Christ being born again in our global mind. So let’s keep on going, verse 23. “At that time if anyone says to you…” This is just another illustration he’s gonna go into, it’s the same thing. “Look there’s Messiah or there he is, “don’t believe them for false Messiahs “and prophets will appear before may great sides “deceiving the possible, the elect.” So here he describes in 10, don’t follow the flesh. You cannot point and say, “There he is.” Why? Because if you say he’s there, then you’re saying he’s not over there. That’s dividing, that is judging, and he said don’t do that. Because if you say, “Oh the blessing’s over there.” You’re calling down the fire over there and he said don’t do that, it’s not our place. Okay, it just isn’t our place. So, “See I told you ahead of time, “so if anyone says…” Cause he keeps on going with the same point. “There he is out in the wilderness, “don’t go out or here he is in the inner room, do not believe it, because he’s in the inner room and the outer room because it’s a spiritual principle. That’s the whole point, that’s the whole point. And if you still don’t get… Oh he doesn’t get it he says look, look, look, look… “For as lightning that comes from the east “is visible in the west, “so will be as the coming of the Son of Man.” Did he say that lightening was in the west? Nope, he said that it’s in the east. You sense it from a far. So the point is it’s not tangible, it’s not touchable, it’s not flesh. It’s not like you can just like pick it up be like “Oh this is Jesus,” no it’s by faith. You sense it out there and you can say I believe but you can’t hold it oh like my precious right kinda like the Lord of The Rings, you can’t do that. And he’s saying if someone wants to put this parameter of God in a box and say, “This is it for sure proved,” he’s saying don’t. That’s not how your attain the life of God and if you still don’t get it he gets more graphic. He simply says, “wherever a carcass is, “there the vultures will gather.” So if you say, “Oh God is with that pastor,” guess what that pastor’s flesh is dead, it’s done. If you point to any flesh, in time the flesh is done, it’s dead, it will eventually crumble. So if you’re pointing anything in this 3D world to define God in his entirety, it’s like a dead body. So that’s the whole point. We go immediately after the distress of those days, okay. The moon will be darkened and I learned this lesson from a fig tree. He goes in, lastly he says on verse 34, “Truly I tell you this generation will not pass away “until all of these things have happened.” What is he talking about? Flesh is gonna stick around, we’re gonna be here. This world isn’t gonna be blown up and burned up. It’s not gonna happen, what’s gonna happen… He’s trying to tell us the way that this is happening is that his Kingdom is gonna come down onto this world, evil is gonna get chased out, he’s gonna use technology to capture all the way into our own personal inner thoughts so we won’t be tempted and having evil thoughts once we start understanding truth. That’s what’s coming. We’re valuable apart from the flesh. Okay so. Lastly we’ll go into 36 through 41. Two men will be walking in a field, one will be talking the other left. Two men will be grinding a hand mill, one will be taken the other left. What he’s saying is those two people are one person. How is that so difficult to believe? When you get born again it says all things have been made new, but you don’t see that because it’s like wait hold it, I’m still here and I’m still having a problem sitting. Well that’s because you’re mind is set on the flesh. You’re made new, you’re seen with Christ at the right hand of God seated, that says you’re not going any where. That’s your real identity, okay. So that’s two people, two. Count em two, walking in the field, your spirit and your flesh. Your flesh goes down to the ground, when you die your spirit goes up. That’s what he’s talking about there. Okay, that’s it. That’s a different… Oh I just, here look, look, look, look, look. Hold on, F, N, O, A, H. But about that day or hour no one knows. “As it was in the days of Noah, “so will it be in the coming of the Son of Man.” Point being is we’re experiencing a flood of data. The unbeliever knows nothing about this. The only way that you can see is if you believe that you’re valuable and that you’re loved. The unbeliever goes about doing what he does. He doesn’t know that this is coming and that’s okay cause guess what God has a plan to reveal his life and his love to that unbeliever. My prayer is that this technology will get into us and allow his word to spread throughout his entire world. I see what’s gonna happen is when we merge with technology, when our brains merge with computers the truth of God with identity is going to spread like leaven just the way he said it, like leaven through the whole lump of dough. Like a brain, like the same way that a piece of information spreads throughout the neural network, of the neurons in a brain and goes and goes through the whole brain with dundency. And being able to reference true identity, that’s what’s happening. The mind, global mind is getting renewed. So all this stuff about second coming of Christ that’s in the flesh, as a church we need to drop it because it’s not happening. Christ is coming back in the spirit and his goal and what will happen is people will understand that they are valuable, they are precious, they are treasures, and he’s gonna use technology integrated into us for his word to spread throughout the world. You’re loved and valuable, that is a recap and a different approach to end times theology. You guys take it easy, bye bye.




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