Human Drivers Prohibited


I remember in 2011 when I came across the idea that soon human drivers are not going to be allowed in cars.
Around that time there were a lot of issues of privacy and I remember thinking how creepy it was that computers would know and even control our movement. I also remember talking to my friends trying to tell them how different things are going to look very shortly. Most of them just looked at me like I had a third eye.

Now today I look on the major headlines of Bloomberg and it’s starting.

I guess what I wish that people of religion and Faith would consider is how different the religious and spiritual landscape is going to look in about 10 to 15 years.

Peter diamandis said it so well in the movie Transcendent man. Basically he described all people around the world being able to plug their brains directly into a massive computer network period he described a way that we will be able to telepathically connect and think and feel to each other. Not too long ago Mark Zuckerberg echoed this sentiment saying that augmented reality and virtual reality are not the end game. That essentially computers will be connected to our brain directly soon.

Somewhere around 2012 or 2013 I remember Eric Schmidt talking about technology as if it will disappear. As if technology will continue to shrink in size until we no longer see it. I agree that this is likely going to be the case.

Essentially with all of the computers that are now surrounding us, what is needed are various types of the interfaces to connect with their computing power. Right now we’re used to touch screens or voice command comma but likely in the future there will be cameras and microphones or perhaps Simply Better will be implants in our body that will catch our thoughts and allow us to make queries into the computers just by thinking. That makes more sense and will likely be the case.

It’s a really bizarre thought. Especially because many Christians have labeled microchips in the hand or forehead as something of the coming of the Beast.

While many of those type of thoughts went through my mind in the past, I’ve come to a place to believe that we are not heading toward a fire and brimstone revelation of God. I personally think that judgment is happening right now. I personally think that all of the Sensors from the computer, cameras that are out there or input signals from social media or emails it cetera are tracking and getting rid of evil. It seems like right now it’s a lot harder to commit murder, And I think that Trend will continue.
When I step back and look at the general trend, and compare it with what we all want internally, we all want to be connected. We all want to be known. We all want to be accepted. We all want to be taken care of and feel secure. None of us like bullies. None of us like separation. The trend that I see is that computers are bringing us together and will help to fulfill our needs. It seems like bullies and the evil are propagated when there is a separation. But because computers are bringing us together the separation is going away. One person cannot get over on another person as easily anymore because everything is recorded. And who wants to be Filthy Rich when everyone knows that there is a better way distribute money so that people aren’t starving to death. If everyone knew how to feed us, would you really want to be sitting in a Million-dollar yacht? How would that feel?
Also, what happens if computers can let us know that we are valuable at the core. Once this happens who needs a million-dollar yet anyway? Once computers help us to answer the most important question of life, one of our worth and identity, who cares about stuff anyway?

In about 20 years they will look back at all of our craziness of buying Ferraris versus Toyotas and question how we could think one was better than the other. They will probably look back and amazement thinking “You really wasted all of that money on a car when you could have help someone else?” Things will get so completely efficient. Starvation will go away, murder will go away, death will go away, evil is going away and as strange as it sounds so is privacy. And that means shame was going away as well.
Computers are bringing us together. Artificial intelligence will soon be able to know you more intimately than your spouse. It will know what you think, it will know where you’re going, it will know your preferences, it will know everything about you. Is that God? Could that be the second coming of Christ? These are questions that I think about often.

We have had a predisposition in the Christian church that Christ would come back in a physical way. Like flesh or some sort of weird clip clop horse riding across the clouds and in the sky Second Coming. I just don’t buy that. It’s too weird. It’s also too forceful. That type of interpretation violates a verse in Hebrews where it says if anyone is to come to God he must first of all believe that he is and that he is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him. If Jesus were to show up in physical form on a horse, where would the faith be? I think that people experience the judgement of God when they choose not to pay attention to him and thus they receive the curses on their life spoken out of their own mouths. If they would simply accept the blessings spoken out of his mouth, they could receive who they really are and understand that he loves them and that they’re valuable.

Anyway, Jesus was so specific in saying that the Kingdom of Heaven is within. At the Kingdom of Heaven is in our midst. He told people that you have come close or that the Kingdom of Heaven has come close to them. What did that mean if it wasn’t a physical sense? It seems like it meant something of intent behind words.
Finding intent behind words is really a big deal. That’s what computers are getting better at. Being able to understand intent and ideas so that there are no schisms. No hypocrisy. Nothing on the outside that’s different from the inside. That is what God desires from us. Purity..

Anyway, it’s a Long blog post. Longer than most. So many changes are coming. It’s weird to even think that I live in a time like this. It’s weird to think that I’m witnessing what I’m witnessing here. I feel like I’m living in a Sci-Fi movie.


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