How God Will Use Brain Interface Chips to fulfill the Great Commission

merry christmas

youtube so

you know i try to put together so i was

going to try to write a book

and every single time i try i can’t

uh mainly because

i think i have asperger’s or add or


every single time i try to explain

something it’s really difficult because

my brain goes off in

a million different directions

and so every once in a while i’ll just

get on this channel

and i just have to spit it out there

because it just rolls through my mind

all the time about how god is going to


technology to

communicate his love to kids to his kids

and uh that’s it

like like

i hate that i’ve probably already said

this a million times

but i just feel compelled to continue to

say it um

maybe it was where i came from in church

from the evangelicals trying to convince

me that

jesus was gonna return and abandon

this earth which i feel like is so

lame dude never will i leave you never

will i forsake you so we say with

confidence the lord is my helper i will

not be afraid for what can man do to me

like people who preach that verse

don’t pay attention to the fact that

he’s not gonna abandon his kids

ever um you know

hellfire and brimstone um

the mechanics of brain computer

interface i can just see it i mean we’re


put that in our heads and um talk to

each other

through the computer chips and

understand each other

fully no we see

in part we prophesy in part but then we

shall see fully

and we’ll we will know fully even as we

are fully known

and that place is a place where there

won’t be any more secrets there won’t be

any more shame

because secrets come from a place of

division where you can’t really explain


there’s not enough time to be able to

explain every reason that you did


and all of the thought processes that

brought you

up to a place to make maybe a poor

decision but there’s coming a time

when you’ll be fully known which is your

entire scaffolding

of framework of thought process so that

so that there there there isn’t an in


people will just understand you

and um and you’ll understand them

and that’s what jesus prayed that i pray

that they will be won

as we are one it’s

hard to concentrate on where we’re going

because it’s

so completely different than where we

are right now it’s hard to understand

where we will be um

at a place where like where there are no

more secrets

it’s like really you’ve got to stop and

like really

question every single thing that you

think about life

and you know a lot of a lot of uh people

will say well

you know like they’ll control they won’t

control because there’ll be no more


they can’t control because there’ll be

no more secrets they won’t want to


wanting to control and exploit others is

based off of a fear that you’re

you’re not enough that or that you’ve

been abandoned

but when you know who you are in christ

there’s no need to control other people

i guess see these are the little things

that i just really wish people would

stop and think about about what

is gonna happen and may not be elon

with his neural link but something

like that not too long from now

40 years 50 years 100 years this world

is going to be so different and no it’s

not going to burn and no

the atmosphere isn’t going to get

destroyed no we’re we’ll figure it out

with all of the computing power combined


all of the god-given creative gifts that

god has given the whole body of all of


when we link together if men

speaking one language was able to do

this then

nothing they put their mind to will be

impossible for them

we will control the clouds

and the weather and there will be no

more democrat republican

god haters you know religious

zealots that it’s all gonna go away


jesus’s love will dwell fully in the

hearts of

all men on planet and women you know

what i’m saying

on planet earth that’s what’s coming

from brain computer interfaces

that’s what’s coming that’s what’s


it will be here because god wins because


love wins because he speaks a word

if you could hear god’s thoughts about

you in completion

about how much he loves you

i don’t know if you can hear my families

out watching a movie in the other room

that’s so awesome if you could hear

god’s thoughts about you how he loves

you and what he thinks and just how


you are if you could just hear that

um this wouldn’t be so crazy

i i don’t know you know i just

you know like man

we are just a bunch of ideas that need

to be sift and sorted and numeral

um and digitized so that we can be


and understand where we’re lacking and

so that that area where we’re lacking

where the

math of our words don’t doesn’t add up

to the truth of god

can be fixed where the logic in your

head says that somehow some way

you don’t measure up can be fixed in

christ because he fixes

all of us he is a whole word a perfect


fully calculated and compute computed


there is no lack in him in the beginning

was the word the word was with god and

the word was god

that’s what was from the beginning as an

idea kim

the creator words

the word of god that’s a perfect word

i’m not trying to minimize

jesus i’m just saying that um

i don’t know i just think that sometimes

we we

negate the value of what we are doing

with super

super computers in that they are

learning they are learning

they are learning they are learning and

there’s coming a time when they are

going to read the word of god and

understand it more clearly than we do

and we will merge with them and

we will be able like like i get so

bugged at christians who say oh we just

got to read our bible and renew our mind

but then

when we talk about hey there’s come in a

time where you’re going to know the

whole bible

inside and out and you don’t even just

have to think about one verse at a time

you can think about them all all at once

and understand how everything interlaces

and then take that whole every single

bible verse and put it into every

thought that you’ve

ever had every action every

in interaction and you’ll have the power

of these

super computers to understand at levels

that are just so high it’s so much


jesus looked at the disciples says i


much more to reveal to you more than you

can now

bear and like to me that’s so obvious

yeah because i don’t have computers that

can and the

and the christians oh no no that’s

talking about the holy spirit coming and

he was talking about and he reveals to

us and

yeah what the spirit of truth what so

that i can understand how god’s word

would have applied to me

back when i was an it back when i didn’t

know who i was

looking at porn wish i would have known

his real thoughts over my life at that


and there’s coming a time when kids will

be born and they’ll get the chip

and they’ll understand who they are

right from the rip and they’ll never

look at porn they’ll never do drugs

they’ll never drink alcohol and they’ll

know full

love like that’s the renewing of the


i mean at the end of the day christians

the bottom line is

do you doubt that god’s word works

because you do if you think that you

could inject the full word of god into

your head

instantly and have full contemplation

if you knew it all the whole word see

that’s the thing

you don’t look at the principle of what

happened it’s

illustrated in the form of christ going

into the ground

it says that unless a seed

falls to the ground and dies it remains

only a single seed seed word do you get


he’s the seed sower went to sow the seed

the seed fell to the ground and died but

if it dies it produces

many fruits right many seeds mini trees

do you see that pattern jesus was the


he fell to the ground he died and he

will reproduce

and that’s what’s happening with us we

get the word of god and it will


because it’s perfect it doesn’t return


and i know you probably look at me and

like russell you’re so crazy what are

you talking about

what i’m talking about is where we’re

really going to go

this is the great commission this is

what will happen

this is how god

destroys the enemy this is it

because the enemy has gone away to wage

gone to wage war

with the saints because he knows his

time is short you look across the world

right now and look at the tension that

it’s under

why because secrets are being

exposed with cameras that’s what’s


the enemy cannot hide anymore that’s

what’s happening

right now jesus is coming back right now

one step at a time in technology as


is getting shown into dark places and

i’m telling you

that it will enter into our houses

into here it’ll completely

look in habakkuk chapter one look to the

nations and be utterly amazed because

i’m going to do something in your time

that you wouldn’t believe

even if you were told but i’m telling

you and i wish you’d believe it

i says the lord am raising up the

babylonians that ruthless and impetuous


who sweep across the entire nation

to seize dwellings

not their own

it’s sweet it’s seizing us virtually by

recreating us in these right now

but eventually this will go into here

and it’ll seize this what does that

seize look like is that a bad thing no

it’s not because

god is behind it god is the one

who used the roman road who used the

technology of

noah’s ark who used the gutenberg press

he uses technology because he has one


and that purpose is to communicate

to you the word the information

the truth and that is that you are so

loved so valuable

there is coming a time where you will

understand that fully maybe not us

but our kids kids kids will i think

i wish i could show you completely what

i see

and the thing is is you have to sit and

think about

every little thing that you that you

accept as reality

and say wait is that the case is that

really the case

or maybe did i learn

a sermon that was preached and

from a guy who interpreted the bible who

didn’t have the privilege of seeing

elon musk with his neural link

because that’s where we’re going and

this is how the great commission happens

at the end of the day guys

jesus does win he did does and will

the enemy’s time is short

and this is how the great commission is


because the word of god is going to

spread as it says

the kingdom of heaven is like yeast

that works its way through the whole

lump of dough

the word that multiplies through its

host matrix

and takes it over that’s what’s


and that’s what will continue to happen

it’s a beautiful thing

okay i’m gonna post this you guys are

loved and valuable

as always precious treasures um hit the

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um and you know if you want to make a


please make a comment y’all take it easy



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