There is Hope, The divided house has fallen

Looking at Donald Trump, and the recent findings of his escapades with that stripper, I’m Amazed that the world is not outraged. It’s very intriguing. The president of the United States basically has a stripper telling the truth, that he had an extramarital affair, and we are also tired that we’re not even responding. Now that is interesting.

Saturday Night Live did a skit last night saying does it even matter? They are tired too. Everybody’s tired. It’s not a democrat or a republican thing. That’s the point. It’s interesting because the walls are coming down because of Technology. There’s no more hiding. And everybody’s crap is on display for everybody to see. Now that’s an interesting thing. Because what’s next?

What’s next? We’ve been tracking how technology has been bringing us together, but closer together we get the more we see and know each other. That means that were going to have to accept each other and to find a solution together.

I believe Things are not getting worse.   They are getting better.

I realize that at first glance, looking at the world, it can seem like things are getting so much worse.   But Jesus Showed us this pattern specifically..

He told us that before His second return, that things would get rough.  So, if we are to believe in this pattern He showed us, then seeing that things are getting rough only means that From the 30000 foot view, looking at everything, things are getting better.

The enemy is filled with fury,  because he knows that his time is short.   The world’s time is short.   God is setting up His kingdom on earth.    This is why we are seeing all of the strife right now.  

The world wants to convince us that God is dead. But he’s not. The world wants to convince us to listen to its story.  But the problem is when we listen to the world’s story, our interpretation is bound by 3 Dimensions plus a linear perspective of time.  

In other words, we can’t see the forest for the trees.

It’s time that we trust that Jesus prayed for us to become one and what we are seeing is the answer to His prayer.  We are becoming one, we are going through the birth pains right now.

With the me-too movement we see that sexual harassment in the workplace is no longer tolerated. It’s no longer welcome. What was done in darkness in the past is now being shouted from the rooftops. It’s no longer okay. Here’s the thing of Hope. There’s coming a day very soon where also pornography will no longer be tolerated.   Pornography is an exploitation of Innocence. Not just of the  performers or people in the industry, but it’s  the exploitation of the viewer because The truth is, we are all just kids. When someone views pornography they are exploiting their own selves. They are beautiful kids made by God, they are choosing not to focus on that. 

In the past, we were afforded mental separation,  a division where we could get away from others in order to exploit in our minds those that we lusted after. These days will soon be gone.   

Weinstein and so many other me to offenders thought that they were behind closed doors and that their secret would never be out. With technology gradually creeping into our physical houses and into our physical minds, very soon we will begin to connect fully and the exploitative nature of porn will be seen fully, and porn will no longer be okay.

Pornography is going away. It’s destructive force that tears people down. It ruins lives  And everyone knows it.   We’ve never been a quick to fight it in the past, but as we connect, as the stories are told and how destructive it is, very soon the crowd will no longer tolerate it’s  exploitation of Innocence.

Jesus is setting up His kingdom here on Earth. His gospel message will reach everyone. And there’s nothing that anyone can do about it.   A divided house simply does not stand. He has given these principles to us so we can understand how the world Works. Something that’s divided has already fallen. Look at what he said! He put it in past tense! He wanted us to see that it’s a done deal.

Get your mind out of the world! Understand that you’re not here. Your Eternal self is not eternally here. If you’re a Christian and saved, you’re seated in a thousand years with Jesus Christ at the right hand side of God. So why do you cling to these things of the world As if they have any meaning?

Here’s the question, where are you? When are you? If you say you are here and you are now, your mind is in the world. Your mind is on the flesh. You’re a Stranger in a Strange Land, you are a Sojourner. This is not your home.

In 200 years we will connect with each other mind to mind. Will control the weather of the planet with our minds. We will be in colonies. A global mind. We will be able to focus on things and gifts that God has given us. Each of us flourishing more richly in the unique gifts that God has given us. Passing back and forth information, we will become one Global mind. Each of us having a gift to bring and offer to the one.

Peace is coming. Division is going.

This is the only way  then it can turn out. Because a divided house has fallen.

There is hope.


Visionary, Computer Scientist, Entrepreneur, watching with anticipation to track and see the newest technology and the way it will all unfold.

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