God will likely use AI to explain the Bible to us…

I have believe that one day God will likely use AI to explain the Bible to us…  But WOW!!!

Here is a excerpt from a REALLY neat step in tech….

“Google’s new system isn’t given a recipe and figures out its own path to reliably convert text from one language to another. It even reads and creates text without bothering with the concept of words. Instead, the software works out its own way to break up text into smaller fragments that often look nonsensical and don’t generally correspond to the phonemes of speech. That independence makes it hard for even the system’s creators to understand what it’s doing, but the results speak for themselves, says Le. “It can be unsettling, but we’ve tested it in a lot of places and it just works,” he says.

I have to say that this is likely one of the more exciting blog posts that I’ve written. For a long time I believe that artificial intelligence will soon be smart enough to be able to parse the Bible and describe the intent behind it toward us. In other words I believe the computers will be able to comprehend God’s word and explain it to us in a much more thorough manner.
Too many of my Christian friends, they have a knee-jerk reaction to this. To me that is very strange. Specifically I suspect that the knee-jerk reaction is one that is based off of an idea that “If something is able to accurately parse the Bible, then it would be able to be accurately parse people too…” And that would mean exposure.
But shouldn’t that be what we want? Shouldn’t we want the separation of the Flesh and the spirit? God said specifically that he has moved us from Darkness into light. Should we want to understand how that works? If we are still parsing The Flash, then of course there will be nothing but death. We are still stuck in these bodies for a time frame. But what if artificial intelligence would be able to explain our identities as we really are. Loved and precious Treasures of God. What if it could help us understand that side of us?
This is what I believe that it’s doing. I believe that artificial intelligence will be able to parse the Bible and explain to us fully. As it says in Corinthians that when Perfection comes the imperfect disappears.
Okay, I completely feel like I’m out in left field with all of these blog posts but you know what? I don’t really care. I see what I see and the net result of the Bible is an equation. It’s mathematical.  When God says that you’re loved and valuable, there’s no other in the game. You either accept it and you bask in his light, or you reject it and stay in the Darkness.
I believe that God is revealing himself to us and will continue to do so. He loves us so much. I guess that’s it for right now.


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