Flood of data washing away sinners

– What’s up, guys? Today is February something or another, and today is Superbowl Sunday. On halftime during the Superbowl I was thinking about God and his second coming and about data, and I’ve always thought in Revelation how it talks about the angel that sat beside the water, and then it says the water that he sat beside, were every tribe tongue, the language of nation or something like that, and I’ve always thought water represented, in the Bible, the people, right? Words: what are people and languages made of? Words. And that’s what we’re made of. We’re made up of words and precept upon precept as we learn and understand different things, and then it just struck me regarding Jesus’s little thingy that he talked about in Matthew 23. He said that God made the covenant with a rainbow, that he would never flood us physically, but then it also says that the nature of things is first in the physical, then in the spiritual. I’ve always thought, I’ve looked at data streaming, data streams, pools of data, an ocean of data, and that’s a little bit of wordplay type thing, which I get it. It’s kind of a little bit farfetched, but here’s what’s really interesting to me is that the pattern that we see of faith and the pattern that we see of Noah stepping out in faith and also, for that matter, with Noah taking an arc that rises above the words, right, and above the ocean, and by faith he transcended above that tumultuousness and I see that pattern of the righteous rising above the words, maybe something like that. Anyway, in Matthew 23, it said the flood came, and it took them all away. They knew nothing. In the same way as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the son of man. Men will be married and giving in marriage, eating, drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, and the flood came and took them all away, and it says they knew nothing of it. Here’s the interesting thing, guys. I’ve posted a lot on here talking about how data and technology is whittling out evil, right? If it’s whittling out evil, then, with all of the cameras and all of the measurement, it’s bringing hypocritical. The ability to act hypocritically, it’s getting rid of that so that you’re gonna be the same on the outside as you are on the inside, and ultimately what we’re looking at is what if the measuring is taking away the evil person in the same respect that it says that I was talking about earlier, in the same respect of, hey, you can’t get away with doing as many crimes as you could previously. Well, what if the people who do the crimes is like you, your bad side, and, with the measurements you tend to do less crime, so that bad you is getting washed away in the data, is getting washed away in the words and the technology and the measurement? I don’t know. I just can see this thing of data pouring down on us and washing away the bad, and the bad side of us, the flesh side of us is nah, no, and, in fact, it says things have always, it’s in Peter, said, “Since the days of John the Baptist are,” no, “Until now,” or no. There’s a verse that says things have always gone on the way that they always have. Anyway, that’s a rabbit trail, but the whole point is is this: the entities that we’re taking about that get washed away, in traditional Christianity, I’ve always seen those entities felt it, heard it preached, that those entities were gonna be this really godless people and you would really get to see them get washed away, and I don’t think that’s right, man. I think that, by virtue of the measurement, by virtue of technology coming along and helping us to be less hypocritical that that godless person almost evaporates, is a better word. It almost just goes away like the sun scorches the plant. It just turns to dust and goes. It’s gone, because it can’t stand in the heat, in the truth. The word is, the true word that God speaks over you is, that you’re loved and valuable, and that word is gonna stand now and eternally. I hope that you can call out to Christ. I hope that you can call out to our maker and recognize that he makes you and that he has got a good gift for you, and that gift is that he says that, in him, you’re loved, you’re valuable, you’re precious, that there’s no judgment in him, that he came to redeem you, and I think that that message is going to proliferate through the hive mind of humanity, and we’re gonna know him in a new way very soon. You’re loved and valuable. You’re a precious treasure. Take it easy, bye.

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