Can we create conscious machines?

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This has to be one of the biggest issues in artificial intelligence. Will we be able to create machines that have consciousness?

I just read this article posted on motherboard Vice Discussing the issue.

As a Christian I’ve been fascinated with this question since around 2011. I often wonder exactly what this means in light of the scripture. Is it the Antichrist? Is it the Christ? What will it mean when we create artificial super intelligence? Intelligence that surpasses any of us by millions or trillions fold?

I guess I can say that I’m just happy that people are starting to talk about it in mainstream media now. It’s been a long lonely 6 years Believing that it is possible for us to create conscious machines.

Christian here soon I’m going to have to Grapple and deal with this issue.

I personally feel but machines are going to help us understand God so much better.


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