About- My Journey In Wrestling With The Bible & Technology

My name is Mark Russell. I’m a Christian as well as a futurist and I guess you could say transhumanist.
My passion is looking at where technology is going to take us in the future and comparing that to what the Bible says will happen in the future.

I am also on the board for the Christian Transhumanist Association. http://bit.ly/ChristianTranshumanistAssociation.
Growing up my father held his Master’s in mathematics from Berkeley and literally worked on the Apollo Mission, while my mom was a devout Christian from Southern Alabama. It was quite the Polar Opposites between science and religion for my worldview inputs.
I realize that my views currently are outside what is taught in traditional Christianity. This is not by accident that my views and opinions reside there. In fact it’s a result of an intentional dismantling of my religious Dogmatic Outlook that I gained from Bible College as well as hundreds upon hundreds of sermons since being saved in 1992. The goal of this dismantling has been to set right with what I see the Bible says about the future as compared to what I see happening with technology.
I believe my drive toward this subject stems from the fact that my parents had a fairly dramatic breakup and divorce when I was around 14 years old. The traumatic divorce and pain that resulted perhaps formed a pattern recognizer within my psyche that if put into an equation would look something like:
Scientific World (dad) separating from Religious World (Mom) = Uncomfortable situation to be avoided at all cost.
That’s to the best of my knowledge why I have drilled into this specific niche of technology and religion with such an effort and drive ever since the very first time I saw the movie Transcendent Man in 2011.
Most specifically Rapture theology and Mark of the Beast stuff are the subjects in the church that probably “get under my skin” the most– Did you see what happened there? 🙂 haha!. I simply refuse to believe that curses are coming on the world. Instead, looking at the blessings that technology is bringing through the gifts that God gave man, I would rather give God glory and look with Wonder and awe for the things I believe that he is doing here on the Earth today.
I’m unsure if any of my work is meaningful to anybody. Heck, for that matter I could be total reprobate in focusing in on the subject of tech and believing that it will bring blessing. but I don’t believe that this is a case and pray for mercy from Christ if I am wrong In these Pursuits.
However, I know one thing, I feel very alone in a lot of my views but also feel as if this will change in a very short time.
So, if content that looks forward with hope toward our future with technology and how it may intertwine with God, His word, and how He’s bringing blessings onto this Earth through that very Tech is meaningful to you, and you would like to support more content to that end with actual dollars, this would give me a signal that there are people out there that even care about the subject and would like to see more of this type of content being produced.
You can do so at https://www.patreon.com/TheSingularity

llustrating concepts and ideas from the Bible and trying to understand how they might apply to our modern-day world.