A095f is not the way, the truth, and the life.

– – Okay, today is a quick post. Today is December 23rd. Oh, wow. I was gonna do a post everyday on the Singularity at the beginning of the year, and I’ve failed on that bad, but I didn’t fail on my once-a-day workout. Most of the time, I post these after I get done working out because I’m busy thinking about stuff while I’m listening to music and slightly caffeinated. As I said, I was just thinking about this idea today. So Gonz, with Face Like The Sun, and a lot of Darbyists have interpreted the end of worlds scenario, end times scenario being the scenario where God judges the wicked and the wicked are burnt up. It feels fearful. I guess, here’s the thing. The weird thing is, for some reason, I think that that interpretation is right, but it’s slightly skewed. So I believe that God does judge the wicked, I just don’t think it’s gonna happen in a vengeful way. Like, in other words, I think it’s happening now. I think that the end goal is not that we call fire down from Heaven onto the sinners in the sense of telling them about their sin. The way of exposing this evil is not man’s job. It’s to the glory of man to expose the matter, but to the glory of kings… Or into the glory of kings to expose the matter, but to the glory of God is to conceal it. And so ultimately, here’s the thing. I was thinking about this. What if it kind of is like God is bringing judgment and that Jesus is coming back and that all of the AI and the Sophia and all of this stuff is kind of like pointing to the season that it’s gonna happen, but that it’s the evil and that the evil is getting judged, but that we can never really point to it definitively and say, like it won’t ever culminate in the way that we’re like in a linear way of thinking, like evil, evil, evil, boop, stop, and then good, good, good, good, good, right? That doesn’t feel right to me. Instead, it feels more true to say like man is going along in the flesh and the spiritual realm is underneath also, and then this level is a reality that you could believe in, but there’s also another level that goes like in parallel with it, right? Because that’s what the Bible says. The Bible says, behold, all things are made new. Right? But the problem is, is that we’re operating in parallel. So what if this technology is, in fact, causing the second coming of Christ? And what if this technology is winnowing out the evil? King sits on his throne to judge and winnows out evil with his eyes. What if we are getting closer together? What if what Gonz is saying, in that it’s ushering in a new kingdom or it’s ushering in… Well, he may be saying that it’s like giving the antichrist power, which I would disagree with. I would say that the antichrist is actually losing power because this underlaying thing down here, this spiritual life, because Gonz is loved and valuable. Gonz is a precious treasure. The thing is, is if we look and point at Russia or Trump or Putin or whoever it is, you know, if we just look at a non-Christian, say, “Oh, you’re full of ungodliness.” even the guys who are creating Sophia, for example, Ben Goertzel or Ray Kurzweil. They’re not evil. I mean, the thing is, is if they attained the flesh, they’re not attaining to the life that God wants. Who am I to speak whether they’re good or evil? I’d rather speak life over them and hope that they can see themself as God sees them, as loved and valuable, and hopefully, through Christ, they’ll see themselves in that, in faith through Him. So like, is it our job to point at anybody and say, “You’re evil.” No way, because then it comes back on us, because it’s not my job to do that. Even the archangel Gabriel wouldn’t declare against Satan. Instead, he said, “May the Lord rebuke you.” because he knew that that wasn’t his place. And so, ultimately, I think, as Christians, we need to be real careful because at the end of the day, it’s not our job as loved and valuable precious treasures to go out and call anyone non-beautiful, because we are all beautiful. Hitler, Mussolini, everyone was beautiful and is beautiful, but the question is, do they see it? And so our job is to bring the light of God down and to let them see who they really are, right? Because at the end of the day, what are we gonna do, you guys? Are we gonna believe in who we really are? See, ’cause otherwise, if we don’t really understand when we are, right? When we are, we’ve been moved from darkness into the light, okay? So that has happened, but yet we still see the flesh. So then we know that there are two people walking in parallel, two men in a field, two women at a grinding stone, right? Two of them walking, one has been taken. Okay, when you die, it’s gone, and the other left, your body falls to the dirt. That’s my interpretation. It seems like when it says, behold, all things, the old is passed away, all things are made new, that if you focus on this, then you get this. So your life, you’ve been marked with the Holy Spirit, you’re there, but what are you gonna do? Walk as though you are children of the light. So then, what we need to do is we need to encourage people, right? We don’t need to go around pointing at a bunch of evil, because, look, what are we gonna do? What are we gonna believe? At the end of the day, we need to believe, hey, look, we’re victors. We are victors in Christ. That’s our victory, it’s our inheritance. And so the way I see it with AI and with all the technology that’s coming, guys, the beautiful thing about what’s happening right now is that there is no choice, okay? There’s no choice. The pure word, the word of truth, a computer that sufficiently calculates the realness of everything and can like calculate everything on everything and everything from everybody’s perspective, the entire mind of us. What it’s gonna boil down to, because if you’re really, really real about things, okay, inside, you’re desperate to say, “Am I loved? Am I precious? Am I worth it?” Right? And that’s what we fight for, that’s what the ego fights for. But that’s what God offers, is to say, “You’re loved, you’re valuable, you’re a precious treasure. “Not because what you’ve done, “but because what I say.” And so that if a computer looks and judges your flesh according to the actions of your flesh and says, where does that make you, it’s gonna see, obviously, anything that your flesh did died because your flesh is dead, and so it doesn’t amount to anything eternally, right? But on the flip side, God and his word and his grace over your life speaks your future, and in Him, because Jesus was pure and died and traded, made that legal transaction to take our flesh, our death, our separateness away from God, take that upon himself and then conquer it so that we can enter into the rest so that a computer sufficient enough is going to be able to understand that by faith, we are somewhere else, we are spiritual beings. And then it will be able to line up and say, hey, look. Stop acting by the ego because that’s not who you are. Why? Because it’s not who God says you are. Guys, this is where we’re heading. Gonz, here’s the deal. I think it’s awesome that you see this, it’s super funny. Well, I don’t know if super funny, but I sent you this image because they said, Sophia A09, A09 something F, which was the AGI receiving account for the Ethereum for SingularityNET’s new project, and it said on the… What was it? It was on telegram. Sophia bot is basically saying, they have Sophia bot saying, “Read our pinned message for the latest info “#A095F “is the way, the truth, and the life.” which I disagree with. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. Okay, Gonz, I’m still waiting to talk to you because I think we need to talk, and I’m supporting you on Patreon. Okay, that’s it. You guys are loved and valuable, precious treasures. You can’t know it by your actions. You can’t look to the past. The Lord takes no pleasure in those who look back. Merry Christmas, happy holidays. You guys are loved and valuable. Take it easy, bye-bye.


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