1st Timothy 4:3 what if the external judging is preventing our marriage to Christ

What’s up guys? This is Mark Russell with thesingularity.com. It’s been six days with no caffeine and still thinking about Jesus and the second coming and technology and want to comment on 1 Timothy 4:3. So here’s my thought. I think about Jesus’ return. I was looking at a quote, I actually posted this, from Einstein, “The distinction between the past, “present and future is only a stubbornly “persistent illusion.” So in my approach to thinking about The Singularity and technology and where it’s bringing us, one of the things that I do, sorry about that, one of the things that I do a lot is I try to remove myself outside of time. So I try to think about things in terms of just the principles, if you will. You’ve heard the saying, “The devil is in the details.” The second that I start getting too drilled in on something it starts becoming hard for me to think about. Listen, I went to Bible college. I learned about dispensationalism, and honestly none of it sat well with me. But the problem is that when I start thinking about technology and issues of the second return of Christ, it starts being problematic because I literally have to decouple my preconceived notions to reconsider. What if the Bible meant something that I wasn’t previously considering? So I’m busy disassembling my dogma, if you will, in light of what’s going on today. Let me just bring you to this post. I’m gonna read it out because I thought it was a really neat post. “The connection that is happening through technology “is literally redefining what it means for us “to be a person.” So like an entity, like I’m Mark, you are you, and there’s a separation, but the closer we get, the more we’re blending, the more those lines are starting to blur the difference in entities. So it’s kind of resetting the boundaries that’s kept us apart in the past. What if Jesus is arriving in this merger? So that’s what I wanna think about. So he said that when we come together in his name, there he is in our midsts. Now that’s interesting. So what if Jesus is returning in the cloud of us? Okay, now that makes sense. We’re blending together, we’re merging together. He said, “When two or three are gathered in his name, “there he will be in our midst.” So let’s look at this 1st Timothy 4:3. “The spirit clearly says in the later times “some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits “and things taught by demons. “Such teaching come through hypocritical liars “whose consciousness has been seared as with a hot iron. “They forbid people to marry.” That “forbid people to marry” is very interesting because it’s almost like a little catch phrase that you don’t see throughout the Bible very often. So what does that mean? People of hypocritical liars that forbid people to marry. So Jesus attacked the Pharisees, right? Because they were of the outward, right? And the Pharisees of the outward were the hypocritical liars, right? He called them, “You’re of your father, the devil. “You’re a liar. “When your father speaks he speaks his native tongues. “You hypocrites.” So that’s who he’s identifying. God has a problem with people who are one way on the outside and different on the inside. So what I see happening with technology and with the merging of us is we’re moving from an external truth to an internal truth. We’re moving from the flesh to the spirit. So that’s what’s happening as we merge together. Like now, I’m communicating to you in the spirit through technology. I’m not even in front of you physically, but I’m talking to you. This wasn’t possible 1000 years ago. So that’s neat. And this progression is gonna continue until we’re telepathically connected to each other and thinking to each other. So let’s look at this verse again. “They forbid them to marry.” How strange is that? What if our religion, Christianity itself, what if the dogmatic precepts that have been laid down in dispensationalism make us say, “Oh, Jesus isn’t coming back like that. “It’s gonna literally be the sky tore open “and Jesus is returning on a cloud on a horse.” What if that prejudice, which is a prejudging of the way things are gonna happen, what if those thoughts are actually preventing or could prevent our union, our marriage with one another and thus, with him? So I think Jesus prayed, “I pray that they’ll be one “even as we are one.” I believe that perhaps the marriage, the return of Christ for his bride, is happening as we get close together, as we recognize who we are, that we’re loved, valuable, precious, worth it, and as we’re able to speak that life quickly, effectively, and as lies are getting chased out, the hypocritical liar, as we’re thinking to each other and edifying each other in truth, the enemy is getting chased out. That’s what’s happening in my belief. So my belief is that you’re loved and valuable. I gotta tell you, first time off of caffeine, I feel like I was more, my thoughts were more put together. Anyway, hey guys. I love you guys and so does Jesus Christ, and he speaks that you are loved and valuable. That’s it for today. What if the external may prevent the marriage from happening? That’s interesting. Okay, God bless you guys; y’all take care; bye.


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