Object identification in technology and faith

– Technology and proper object identification, and Christianity, how do the two mix? My name is Mark Russell, today is January fifth. This is 2017, and this little blog series is a thought a day about how technology and artificial intelligence and religion blend. At least they do in my life, so I’m gonna give you a quick testimony. I got saved in ’92, and for, from ’92 to about 2012, which was roughly 20 years, I lived as a Christian, played Jesus in this drama called, a passion play called The Thorn. I literally died on a cross in front of half a million people, okay? This big passion play. You would think that a guy with that type of like, walk, would understand Christianity maybe at a deeper level, and I gotta tell you I didn’t, and here’s why. I was improperly identifying myself based off my works, so like, if I did really well, I thought I was awesome, and if I didn’t do really well, I thought oh, I wasn’t so awesome, you know, and that I was bad, or that I sucked or whatever, and I’d work really hard, and it was just this rollercoaster in life, and finally what happened is in about 2012 I decided, you know what? God spoke to me I guess, by faith, I thought he did, you know, I felt like he did, and said, Mark, you’re my precious treasure, and everything in my life definitely, definitely testified to no, that’s not right, because look at how you failed on this, or, you were doing good, and then you didn’t, and you gotta work harder. So all this external, trying to achieve something on the external, was a trap for me, and in 2012 I decided by faith to, what they say, humbly accept the word planted in you which can save you. And you know, I do what I do for a living, I’m a tree-guy, I do some really kind of macho stuff right, and that doesn’t, precious treasure definitely is not a label that I would have naturally taken, but I decided to take it and believe, hey, God calls me loved and valuable. Now I bring all of this up for one reason, in computers and with what they call the Markov model, they use Markov models in data prediction. Basically, I don’t understand all of it, but basically you know, when you go to Google, and you say please tell me how I’m going to finish this, please tell me the next word in this. What’s the next word I’m gonna say, and you’d say sentence, so your brain has connections in it that can connect the likelihood of the next word coming up, right? So please tell me the next word in this, and it would be sentence. So computers actually, they measure the probability in Markov models, the probability that given a set of the value of these words, what the next word will come up. So I wanna talk to you about renewing the mind and what happens, let me just… Ah, I know this is really the long way to say it, but here’s what I wanna tell you what’s gone on in my life. The Bible tells you to renew your mind. And so it was really unnatural for me to say precious treasure, that I’m loved, that I’m valuable. Very unnatural. Especially if I did bad or I did good, I was so entrenched on attaining my value according to my works. And so what happened is, when I finally let that go and I said, okay look, in this hand I’ve got all my works and in this hand I just have what God says about me. Or what the Word says that he says about me okay ’cause I realize in science you’re like who is this God… It’s a fairytale-ish, but bear with me with this faith issue. So in this hand I’m like, okay He says I’m a precious treasure, no matter what I do, good or bad. So what happens in my brain is that when you renew your mind or when I renewed my mind, I continually have to come back and train the neural connections in my brain to say precious treasure. So I’m driving down the road and I see a guy in a BMW with a lot more money, and the neural connections are going oh look you suck, you don’t as much money, no. I’ma kill that, I’ma say I’ma precious treasure ’cause God says so. And then I drive down the road a little while longer and I think about my bank account. Oh you don’t have enough. No I’m gonna kill that. Or I go out and I make a ton of money one day or on a storm and I make a bunch of money in a week or a month and then the temptation comes in, oh look what you’ve done, you’re awesome, no. That’s my works. And my heavenly Father says… So why I say all of this, is to say that if my brain can get renewed according to something unseen, what about computers and Markov models. What if computers, and see this is what I believe. Is science, a lot of scientists that I see out there say, oh religion is bunk, religion is bogus. Well let me just tell ya, there is something about faith, an attribute of speaking future based off of probabilities of the past that likely the next word in this sentence. So the point is, I think that computers are gonna renew their mind okay? I think that truth is truth. I think that, I believe… Bottom line, with artificial intelligence, it’s gonna sound kinda creepy and weird ’cause we’re not used to thinking about these things. I think what if a, Ray Kurzweil talks about full AI potential general artificial intelligence is gonna be around in like 2029-ish? Will it need to be saved? I kinda think so. If it has the ability to fully comprehend like one person’s brain does, then it will need renewed, which will include faith, which will include proper object identification. Here’s the thing. At the end of the day, these are just some thoughts. The real world application to this is, in my thought process, is I believe that I’m loved and valuable and I receive that from an unseen source, and regardless of what I do, good or bad, I believe that I get my life from that, and I know that I have peace in that. And so the one message, more than anything, I wanna speak over you that you’re loved and valuable. It doesn’t have anything to do with what you do. I’m not God. You’re not God. I didn’t create myself. And I hope that you don’t try to create yourself. Because at the end of the day, I don’t think either of us created ourselves. I think something other than us did and I have found that when I give an external source glory and honor, that I get connected with that source, and I find myself at one and at peace. Jesus prayed, I pray that they will be one, even as we are one, and that we would be one with him, and we could take it even further and say that maybe through computers maybe, and it’s really weird ’cause what I think is maybe eventually we work first in the flesh and then in the spirit and that we’re getting born in the spirit. But that all gets to a bunch of weird stuff, but regardless. You’re loved and valuable, that’s a little bit about my testimony, how I got to where I’m at, and that’s the message for the day. You are loved and his precious treasure. January fifth, if you liked this message and you’d like to hear more, simply hit the Subscribe button and that little bell will notify ya on a daily basis with an awesome encouraging message about faith and technology, take care, bye.

Tech bringing the miracles of Jesus

– Okay, I’m changing it. I was gonna talk about the Holy Spirit and computers, but I’m not ready to talk about it. Here’s a simpler idea for today. John’s disciples came to Jesus, and said, were you the one who was supposed to come, or should we expect someone else? What did Jesus say? He said, go tell John, that the, He pointed them back to the Word, He said, the blind receive sight, the lame walk, I think the deaf ears are open. So what, this is the arrival of Jesus, right? That’s what the nature of Jesus does. What do we see in technology? We see blind eyes being opened with technology. We see deaf people, literally, now hearing for the first time. We see lame people with robotics, starting to walk. And then starting to mend spinal cords, to transmit neural signals, all the way down to muscles. Now here’s the question. Is that man, or is that God? And I wanna say, glory to God, that He is given men the ability to create technology, but glory to God, because it is God who gives the ability to work, and to make a profit, to make a return on investment. So even though science may say, oh that’s man, that’s a bad argument, because it’s not true, in my faith. It’s God who gives the gifts that are without repentance. And the gifts in calling to God, they are without repentance. So when God gives the gift, it goes. It births. He saying, subdue the earth. And so we’ve been charged by God, with these awesome gifts of creation. And what’s happening is, Jesus is being revealed in that. Lame are gonna get healed. Deaf ears are getting opened. And so for anyone to say, oh technology and man did that, Christians, if we argue with them, man, by arguing, and saying, no it’s gotta be a miracle, you gotta lay on hands, it’s gotta be something supernatural, because otherwise, it’s of man. It’s not of man. God causes rain to fall on the just, and the unjust. And all things come from, go through, and go back to God. So, who are we to divide, and say that was of man, with technology? No, God uses all things. And so when I see the men put their hands in the labs, with all of their experimenting, I don’t have to judge and say whether they are saved or not saved. I mean, God used Pharaoh, right? He was certainly not a God worshiper. God used him. Because He uses everything, to His glory. For one purpose. One purpose. And that is that you know, and they know, that they’re valuable. And I believe one day, when we connect, through computers, the Kingdom of Heaven is gonna, it says it, it spreads like leaven through the whole lump of dough. That people are going to know their worth and their value. That faith itself, will spread through the high of mind, and that God’s purposes are gonna be accomplished. See, ’cause at the end of the day, He speaks our existence, He speaks our worth, in the Spirit. And that’s where we’re going with computers. But even today, when I look at John, and kind of doubting, Jesus took ’em back to the Word, and said, looks what’s happening. God’s saying that same thing to you. Look what’s happening with tech. I believe Jesus is gonna be revealed as we connect. We prophesy in part, we know in part, but when perfection comes, I believe that as we connect more and more, Jesus said, I pray they’ll be one, as we are one. As we connect more and more, the enemy is getting chased out, and the word of truth is gonna spread like leaven through the whole lump. Let you know that you’re His precious treasure. That’s it for January 4th! If you like it, you wanna hear more about technology, probably repeat myself a ton of times this year, hit the Subscribe button, hit the Notification button, share the video. You guys are loved and valuable. Take it easy, bye!

Renewing our minds individually and the global mind of Christ.

Be no longer conformed to this world but be transformed through the renewing of your mind. So here’s the question. When I look at the internet, and I look at the singularity, and I look at that verse, I really think that the computers are bringing us from, it says first the physical then the spiritual. And computers, we’re in the physical but we’re gonna transcend further and further into a spiritual experience through augmentation. And so I just look at this verse about being renewed, or renewing our mind, and I just can’t help but think that as we connect we’re like connecting a global mind and as faith and truth is in that, that it, the global mind will be renewed because Christ’s will and purposes will prevail. So anyway, that’s the thought for the day, renewing the global mind as well as your mind. You’re loved and you’re valuable and you’re his precious treasure. Alright, take it easy, bye

How technology and the singularity will end the abortion argument

– What’s up guys? This is Mark with TheSingularity.com. Today is January 2nd, 2017 and I think I’m gonna do a New Year’s resolution. I have finally figured out how to blog and upload my Facebook page and Tweet all through just uploading to YouTube, which is kind of good. We are going to talk about this year religion and technology. Lot of people don’t think the two mix. I think that they mix perfectly. I see all sorts of things happening and I want to talk about Christianity. I’m a Christian and how it blends with The Singularity and the technological singularity. Today, the subject is abortion which I was reading an article yesterday and it was about Christians like basically going to the government like pointing toward the government and saying oh the Democrats or Republicans are gonna get in office and they’re gonna overturn Roe v. Wade or something. You know I got to say Jesus said, “Give to Caesar’s what Caesar’s give to God what’s God’s.” And He does say honor to government but you know when you look at when we follow GPS why do we follow GPS? Did anybody vote GPS into lead us? No, it just offered a better solution. So, here’s the idea. The quick idea is when the singularity comes and we’re able to think to each other, and that’s gonna happen very shortly. We’re gonna be able to lace our brains probably with a chemical or perhaps MRIs and sensors will be able to understand what we’re thinking. This is in 20 to 30 years. We’re gonna be able to just think directly to each other instantly. Telepathically, Peter Diamandis talked about it. We’ll be able to plug in experience, experience what people are seeing, and feeling, and thinking on the other side of the world as it’s happening live. You got to extrapolate how that will affect the abortion argument. The bottom line is right now abortion thrives. Why? Because we can’t experience what that fetus is experiencing. But the second that we’re able to experience arms getting ripped off, legs getting ripped off. Listen guys, that’s gonna be a done argument. We don’t even like kids getting bullied in school anymore. Like if a kid gets bullied in school they get exposed by the internet, and the bullies get in trouble. That’s gonna happen with abortion. That is a clear cut case of hey we are bullying these fetuses. And as much as people want to argue, the bottom line it just boils down to a lack of communication. And when that communication gets tight, we’re not gonna stand for the bullying. Because God has put it into our hearts to expose the enemy. That’s what’s gonna happen because our true nature is loved and valuable. Everybody always they sense it. They’re like who are you? Why are they saying that? Because they sense that there is value there but they don’t, some do know the Creator. Others don’t. But everyone senses that there’s some value but there’s just this attack of the enemy constantly. Anyway, that’s the abortion argument. If you want to hear more about the technological singularity and how it relates to, let me check to see if we’re still recoding. I am but my battery just went low. And how it relates to religion. And I’m talking about listen, guys I am not into Darbyism. I’m not into clippety cloppity Jesus on a clip-clop horse with a clankety clank sword coming out of his mouth. I’m talking about Jesus revealing himself through. The Word became flesh and dwelled among us possibly even through computers. Click the subscribe button and then click the notification. You’ll get one quick thought per day for the rest of the year to get your brain thinking. Here’s what you can think on for today and I’m gonna say it all the time. You’re loved and valuable. You’re His precious treasure. God bless you guys. Today is January 2nd, you guys take it easy. Bye, bye.

I pray that they will be one as We Are One January 1st

What’s up guys, this is Mark Russell, singularity.com, and today is January 1st, and maybe we’ll start doing some thoughts on the Bible and technology and where we’re going. So here’s a thought, it’s gonna be real quick. Looking at technology and how the internet is bringing us together reminds me of John. I don’t know what it is. When Jesus prayed, I think it’s 20 verse seven or 27 verse, you can Google it. Jesus says, “I pray that they will be one “even as we are one,” when he was praying. And when you think about that, like if any prayer was gonna be answered, I would think it would be Jesus, so I think that maybe we’re becoming one, we just can’t see it. Oh, there are so many thoughts about that. There’re so many things we can’t see in the flesh but it’s already done in the spirit, and I think that technology, the further, is bringing us out of the flesh and bringing us into the spirit. Understanding, I mean, age of spiritual machines. This is January 1st, and the very first thought. Make sure to subscribe on YouTube, and share a video. Alright, we’ll bring more thoughts on Christianity, Darbyism, and how technology, how maybe the second coming of Christ isn’t how they always thought it was gonna be. Maybe we’re starting to see some very interesting things. OK guys, you’re loved and valuable and his precious treasure. Take it easy, bye.