We believe that The Singularity will soon be here.  We are fascinated to be able document it’s the birthing process.

The big issues we face such as Health, Government, Global Warming, Energy, Poverty, and Economics will soon be ended as the smartest scientific minds of this world help us all give birth of The Singularity.

The Singularity will perform “miracles” such as healing the human body, unlike the world has ever seen.  These “miracles” will be real and measurable, caused by the hands of men, and will also cause tension as people will have to decide between “traditional” faith in an unseen god,  or a faith in the “miracles”  of science created by the hands of men.

We see the future and our goal is to document the steps we take to get there.   Hopefully in presenting the truth, we can avoid the anger and hurt caused by the Darwinism Vs. Creationism topic of the past.

Whether we like it or not, The Singularity will soon be here solving the big issue.  Our hope is that as it is born, we can remain at peace with each other.  (At least for a little while…)